10 Best Islamic Spiritual Journeys


Islam, like all affected religions, has places that must be sacred because of the worship that the faithful render to them, either in a way that is obliged to believe in. Let us have a look over the most renowned spiritual journeys at holy places for Muslims.

List of Top 10 Best Islamic Spiritual Journeys:

1. The Pilgrimage in Judaism:

Pilgrimage in Judaism

The one who believes in Judaism, the Wall of the west, The rock with the dome or the Hurva Synagogue found in Jerusalem are places of pilgrimage for this religion. Jerusalem is considered a sacred city for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

2. Mecca Pilgrimage-Islamic:

Mecca Pilgrimage-Islamic

The sacred temple par excellence for the Islamic religion in Mecca the place where the Prophet Muhammad was born. All those faithful to the Islamic religion must pilgrimage at least once in life to this temple of worship.

3. La Kaaba:

La Kaaba

The Kaaba space is a structure made of stone and cube-shaped, whose religious power dates back to times before Muhammad and therefore the rise of Islam, but it turns out that the construction is attributed to Abraham and Ishmael, from whom Arabs claim descendants and are valued as prophets by this religion.

4. Medina:


Medina means in Arabic city, but like its name, it mentions a city of Arabia. Yathrib was his previous name. Its full name is the City of the Prophet for being here where the first Muslim community emerged in the year 622.

5. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

The incredible beauty of the Byzantine basilica of Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, turned into a mosque after the Ottoman invasion of 1453, is due to the ingenuity of the architects who, in the time of Emperor Justinian (537), devised its vast dome, which seems float on scallops and hidden pillars.

6. Shah Faisal Mosque:

Shah Faisal Mosque

With its four corners moored by four needle-shaped minarets that rise 90 meters, the prayer hall, pyramid-shaped, of the Shah Faisal Mosque, in Islamabad (Pakistan), seems to be held serenely on an elevated plateau overlooking the city. It is the largest mosque in the country, with capacity for more than 250,000 faithful.

7. Iman Mosque:

Iman Mosque

Completely covered with blue and yellow tiles, distinctive of the city where it stands, the Imam Mosque, in Isfahan (Iran), is a world heritage. It’s beautiful structure of the seventeenth century seems to change color depending on the light.

8. Mosque at Tunisian City:

Mosque at Tunisian City

The great mosque of the Tunisian city of Kairouan is the oldest in North Africa. Originally built in 670, it was destroyed and the sober complex that is visited today, including its courtyard of colonnades and marble flooring, was built by the Aglavíes in the ninth century.

9. Kubah Mas:

Kubah Mas

The construction of the Kubah Mas temple, opened in 2001 in Depok (Indonesia), was financed by a generous and opulent private benefactor: Italian granite floors, crystal chandeliers, and 24-carat gold domes.

10. Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid

The mosque lies in the old city of Delhi, where there occurs a huge mass prayer almost every Friday when it is known to be the Jumma Day. Even during Ramzan, this place has been known for sharing a whole different spiritual experience.

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