10 Most Addictive Games of The World

This Digital world has given a new thought process to the world and is a great approach to become technology friendly. As there is saying that every coin has two phases and same goes here. The digitization has made the limitation over kids by creating an addiction for mobile games. Now kids or adults avoid playing outdoor games and they prefer to play online games.

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Let’s Have a Look Over Most Addictive Games of the World:

Minecraft: The game is designed based on the theme of adventure, digging, creating things from zero level. The concept engages the mind of users and players become addict of it.


DOTA 2: The game created addiction through its theme and longer hour’s duration. You keep on playing to improvise the skills and games never get over. Also, it is free to play the DOTA 2 game.


Counter Strike: Counter strike is another game for which people are addicted. Lots of versions are already released by seeing the craziness for the game.

Counter Strike

Grand Theft Auto V: The game deals with the fantasies of darkness and daring. This is the reason that attracts people and keep their mind engaging.

Grand Theft Auto V

Asphalt 9: Legends: Here you get a chance to participate in arcade racing and the game is completely massive. Game asked the player to unlock n number of cars, cross various levels etc. Hence the player becomes addicted of the game.

Asphalt 9

Crossy Road: In the game, player takes a chicken and cross various things like roads, streams by keeping himself protected from the cars. The game creates an interest and known as one of the craziest game of the world.

Crossy Road

Cytus II: The game is designed based on the mechanics of swipes and taps. Users find a connection with the game and once they start playing, they don’t leave it easily.

Cytus II

Duet: The game is based on puzzle in which the player will play as 2 paint balls. The game has to rotate the ball nearby they declined platforms to achieve the next level.


Faraway 3: Arctic Escape: The game is most known game as it is created based on the concept of adventure puzzle. 18 levels are there and you have to traverse across all these level. Game is unique and people love playing the game.

Faraway 3 - Arctic Escape

PubG: PubG is a short name of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game. Whole world is crazy for this multiplayer shooting game. This game is free but you can purchase weapons, clothes and much more. In this game people can play alone or a small team of four people. If you are a good player then you can participate in PubG tournament. The benefit is winner gets a huge prize.