5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking Used by Hackers


The cybercriminals have been given the task of creating various effective ways to steal all your digital money, that’s why you must be careful at all times.

It is true that hack blockchain is much less profitable, cybercriminals have managed to develop malicious programs that may violate the security of your computer and thus have access to your digital currency.

That is why you should be especially careful with any action taken on the internet when engaging your Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrencies since being a difficult currency to track when a transaction is made. It is an excellent option for hackers.

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That’s why here are some tips on how you could be hacked and what you should not do:

Bitcoin Can be Hacked by 5 Methods

1. Ransomware

Ransomware - 5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking

What this software does specifically is to encrypt all or some data of a computer, immediately afterwards, when trying to open them, you are asked for a ransom to be able to recover them, so you must be careful with all the emails and files that you receive to your mail, since it is the main cause of spread.

2. Phishing

Phishing - 5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking

This element is really the identity theft of some person or company, where web portals are created with very similar domains but in reality, they are fake pages.

Everything starts with a mail from your supposed bank that tells you that your account has been blocked, so you must enter the portal. You need to enter all your banking information to get access to it again.

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The first point here is to check the URL to which this email sends you. You should carefully review each word since that is the falsehood of it. Although you must also remember that no bank requests this data via online, if you have questions about your account, just check your bank and you can get out of the mess.

3. Keyloggers

Keyloggers - 5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking

This program in addition to being complex can generate a great loss to a company or a person since they detect the keystrokes and mouse that is done in any page, you can get your Facebook password, and above all, access to your profile where you have your Bitcoin.

They can also search the computer cache to learn the movements of a user in order to know when they will enter an important account to steal information or the user’s money.

It is best to keep changing the password of any account regularly and if any anomaly is detected, talk to your trusted company.

4. Remote Access Trojans (RAT)

Remote Access Trojans - 5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking

This remote access virus, specifically the Trojan type can be one of the most harmful programs for victims because if they get installed on a computer, the hacker can control your PC remotely.

In this way, you can even open or close the CD port, activate sounds, change the wallpaper, delete files, send messages, use your private accounts, even install what you want. So you can have all the access.

Your method of propagation is by email, so you should NEVER open the information or links. But you should also be careful with the programs that allegedly have a function.

You can install an antivirus with full protection like Avast Premium or Kaspersky and even have your Firewall activated since you will have the opportunity to eliminate this in time.

5. Exchange and Market Houses

Exchange and Market Houses - 5 Methods for Bitcoin Hacking

These online platforms can mean a risky element for the users of the same, since “everything that is online can be hacked” but if you trust all your money in cryptocurrencies, you could lose everything in a second.

This work only as a mutual benefit, your code, and obligation to you when investing is only to make a profit with your money. At the same time that you also achieve something but only that, if they come to hack, you will be left without a penny.