5 Most Powerful Political Leaders in the World

Each year, the influential Forbes magazine evaluates leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainment personalities and investigates the impact their movements have on the global scene. The result of this analysis is the list of the most powerful people released recently.

Of the nearly 7.500 Billion people on the planet, Forbes highlighted the 75 most influential people. The list includes politicians, businessmen, kings and religious leaders.

Forbes highlighted this list of powerful people based on the influence they have on people, their sphere of power, and their financial resources and how they exercise their authority.

List of Most Powerful Political Leaders in the World

1. Xi Jinping – (China)

Xi Jinping - Powerful Political Leaders in the World

The biggest and the most powerful leader is right at the top, which today brings China’s President Xi Jinping into the position of the most powerful person on the planet.

According to the statement, Xi’s confirmation as a Chinese leader now for an indefinite term leaves no doubt about the size of his power and influence in the leadership of the country that is striving towards the title of the largest economy in the world. An achievement that came after a constitutional reform unanimously approved among the delegates of the Communist Party.

2. Donald Trump – (United States)

Donald Trump - Powerful Political Leaders in the World

One year into his term, President Donald Trump ranks third. However, Trump has failed in promoting his agenda. And he is investigated by various law enforcement agencies. And cannot shake off the scandals that arise from his personal and business life, but still, He is Commander-in-Chief of the greatest economic and military power in the world.

Whether people hate him or love him, he has strong leadership skills with a successful businessman.

3. Vladimir Putin – (Russia)

Vladimir Putin - Powerful Political Leaders in the World

Putin is one of the few powerful political leaders in the world with enough power to do what he wants. Its high levels of popularity which reach 89% favorable have managed to overcome the controversial political decisions that have cost international sanctions, such as seize Crime and wage war with Ukraine.

Furthermore, according to the publication, after bombing ISIS forces in Syria and coming face to face with President Bashar al-Assad, he left the United States and NATO weak in the face of international public opinion.

4. Narendra Modi – (India)

Narendra Modi - Powerful Political Leaders in the World

Narendra Modi has been the leader of India since May 2014. He figures among the 5 most powerful people in the world. He is a Hindu nationalist and governor of the western state of Gujarat since 2001 and is recognized in his country for being a deeply polarizing character.

The Indian prime minister has a strong and capable administrator’s popularity. Besides being the man who has the remedy to reactivate the stumbling economy of India.

He also has emerged as a key figure in the international effort to handle climate change issues.

5. Angela Merkel (Germany)

Angela Merkel - Powerful Political Leaders in the World

Federal Chancellor appears for the seventh consecutive time at the top of the list of the 100 most influential women. This year Merkel won a fierce election that marked the entry of the Alternative to Germany party in the German Parliament and became the world’s most powerful woman for the seventh time in a row.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most important and influential woman in the world and this is what Forbes magazine says when she placed it, for the seventh year in a row, at the top of her list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. The president will have to continue facing “the crisis of the European Union” which covers problems such as Brexit and “anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe”.