5 Weird Rules of USA Government You Should Know


USA is the most recognized and developed nation across the globe. USA is an exemplary country for other nation because of its extra smart technology and growth. America is the most powerful country but there are certain laws that will surprise you for sure because the laws are really weird. Hence if you are looking to know about some weird rules then just go below.

List of Some Weird Rules of USA:

  1. It is illegal to wear a fake type of mustache because of which laughter gets generated at Church.
  2. If anyone awakes the bear while he is sleeping, is considered as illegal action.
  3. Riding a horse under the influence also comes under one of five weird rules of USA Government.
  4. Keeping ice-cream is the back side of the bag on Sundays in counted as illegal as per US Government.
  5. If you order pizza for someone without informing him/her then you will be fined some charge for such activity.

Hence these are some unique rules of the most smart and powerful country of the world. We will keep you updated about such amazing facts.