7 Interesting 90’s Outdoor Games of India


The era and 90’s been quite amazing and full of chaos. People are connected in real world and life was very far from the touch of the current digital world. At that time 90% of the kids prefer to play outdoor games rather playing on mobile phones etc… Today we will have some discussion about the interesting outdoor games of 90’s which were played in India. You will definitely think about your childhood because these games are all time favorite.

1. Musical Chair:

Musical Chair

In this game, players move around some group of chairs and the music starts. Once the music stopped, all the players had to sit on the chair. Those who did not get a seat dropped out of the game. A chair removed and the same cycle of music gets resumed.

2. Hopscotch (Stapoo):


Mostly girls preferred to play this game. Some blocks are drawn on the ground with the help of chalk or stone and then game starts. The player has to win all the blocks one by one through the throw of the stone.

3. Skipping:


Skipping was one of the interesting games of 90s era. Here participants compete to score more number of skips through the rope. Skipping can be done individually as well as in pair. Counting is the main thing and whole game revolves around it.

4. Poshampa:


Perhaps we all know the below lines very well:

Poshampa bhai Poshampa,
Daakiye ne kya kia?
Sau rupay ki ghadi churayi
Ab toh jail mein jaana padega…

A fun loving game which connects every one through the formation of chain while playing it.

5. Hide & Seek (Aank Micholi):

Hide & Seek

Everyone plays this game in childhood. One person was kept as police who searches all the hidden players as a thief.

6. Kho Kho:

Kho Kho

Kho Kho is a well known game in which 9 players play at a time from one team. One team is chaser and another one is defender. Chaser try to touch defender and defender try not to get touched. An enjoyable game and it demands good energy.

7. Chain-Chain:


Kids loved to play the game of chain-chain. Here one has to get captured and chain of the people gets increased.

Hence these are the most engaging and interesting games of 90’s in India!!!