Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tutorial for Beginners


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Process of making your website familiar with search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc… is called search engine optimization. Its short form is SEO. In these days SEO is getting popularity, due to increasing online business. Everybody on the internet want to appear at up online and compete with others and so the need search engine optimization arrives. Hiring a SEO is necessary and most important if you want to grow your business online and increase sales and popularity of your business and company.

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How Search Engine Works?

Search engines algorithm is very simple to understand for anybody. Big search engines like Google and Yahoo have their automatic bots or crawler or spider that crawl your website pages and include them in their database. This process of storing web pages in their database is called cache. When a user put any keyword in the search engine, it will find out the match and display related data. Crawler are programs which surf the webpage and find links on that page and follow them and index the whole site.

What is Search Engine Ranking?

Search engine ranking is the process in which search engines bring the websites on the specific keywords searched by users in the query search box. The basis of many factors of a website (i.e. on-page or on-site and off-page or off-site analysis by search engine algorithm), the ranking is defined.

What is Off-Page or Off-Site Optimization?

Off-Page or Off-site Optimization is the process of increasing a website position in search engine by providing backlinks in various third party websites. Off-Page optimization are strategies for SEO that are done off the pages or outside the pages of a website to maximize its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the page content.

For example: Off-Page optimization includes linking, and placing keywords within link anchor text but link should be target on relevant page. Method of obtaining links can also be considered Off-Page optimization.

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What is On-Page or On-Site Optimization?

On-page or On-site optimization is directly connected to the entire website including whole content and structure of the website. Basically webpages are written in the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format but also other document formats (Like as, Microsoft word or PDF) that are indexed by search engines. Modifying keywords frequency in entire webpage is most important part in On-page optimization. These keywords mainly include in the URL, title, headings, hypertext links and body text. On-page optimization may also involve reducing redundant HTML codes produced by webpage authoring tools and restructuring the site to produce better linked and focused page content. Various elements on specific webpages are structured in On-page optimization so that the webpage can be found by search engine for specific keywords or keyword phrases.

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