Benefits and Losses of the Digital World

The current era is migrating towards digitization and here no one can imagine their life without the internet. The Internet has made things too fast and people sitting across the globe are interacting easily which was not possible a few times back. Growing up is good but in this race, we should not forget the ethical values. So here we will discuss the two phases of the digital world. The digital world is an invention of internet without which nothing is possible.

Digital World

Digitization is a really great achievement for the world. Lots of diseases are now curable because of such advanced techniques, we got much relieved from crowd of banks after the foundation of online banking, initially we get worried to know about our loved ones but now there are lots of options to communicate like Whatsapp, Skype etc… Hence, there are a lot of digital applications which have made human life much easier and fast.

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We are On Losing Side Hence Get Up Before Time Ends

Disadvantage of Internet

If we move on to the next phase, people are losing love and affection with each other. Initially, people used to interact with each other in free time but now they waste time on social media without talking to anyone. This is leading us to a different horizon which is not worthy from the future perspective of the nation. We grown-up by playing some outdoor games but our kids are growing up with mobile devices. Radiations are affecting their eyes and we have read about lots of cases of eye’s damages but there are not any kind precautions taken. They are much aware of the devices than their parents. The Internet has been launched to make things easier but people are utilizing it in the wrong way.

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Grow Up Guys and Leave the Myth of the World

Where are we going? There are always two sides of a coin and we need to focus on the positive side. Allow kids to play outside in a playground, teach them to interact with their family members and maintain their childhood in such a way so that they could grow with time, not before the time. Kids are the future of the nation and ones we maintain them in a proper way then they could understand the moral values and also how radiations are affecting the world.

Along with that, adults should avoid the access use of mobile phones and they should be focused on their career growth. Because of access to its use, people feel the pain in their muscles and sometimes it leads to cervical kind of problems. That is why it is always recommended to use the system or mobile phones for a specific time only.

Internet Disadvantage

So guys, it is an urge to all of you, pay attention to this serious problem so that we could live in a happy and healthy zone. Digitization is made for the making human life advanced so does not let it spoil you. We wish a happy and healthy life for you all. Stay connected by heart rather from internet data.

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