CD Can Be Your Solar Cell, Do You Know?


There are so many people who are unaware that CD can act as a Solar cell. If you are also in one of them, then do not miss the amazing topic. Here we are providing the researched content that shall help you out to know about the concept. Solar sector is encouraged by government as well because it is a renewable source of energy and we all are quite aware about the massive power of Sun.

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12 Volt Energy - CD Can Be Your Solar Cell

Now let’s know the ways through which a simple CD can act as a Solar Cell. For this, at a very initial stage we need all the below mentioned materials.

Need Materials for Make Solar Cell from CD

  • Table Salt/Sodium bicarbonate
  • Electricity Wire
  • Stove and hot glue
  • Solder
  • CD case
  • A copper sheet
  • Sheet metal shears

All these materials are easily available at home and the copper sheet can be procured from any of the store of hard ware.

Steps for Making Solar Cell from CD

Step 1: Cut a piece of the copper sheet and its cutting should be as per the size of burner of the electric stove that you are going to use. Make sure, no oil or grease should be present in the hand and to ensure wash your hand properly. Sheet should not have oil as well hence rinse the same. Our primary focus is to remove all oil, grease and corrosive effect. You can use brush for the removal of the same.

Step 2: Once the sheet is completely clean and dry, put it over the burner at highest temperature. Let it be there for 30 minutes. Gradually the cupric color will get changed to black and you should wait for some time so that the black layer could get thicker. The thick is important because it will flake in a much convenient way.

Step 3: Now turn off the burner and let the material cool down. The cooling should be gradual rather sudden. You will realize one thing, that when the material will get cooled on the room temperature the portion of black oxide will disappear.

Step 4: At this moment removing of black spots is needed and it will be done by scrubbing of the hands. On place of hands you can also use soft copper. Stay protected because the process may damage the red cuprous oxide because that is needed for the solar task.

Step 5: Take the copper sheet again and cut a part again and solder both the copper plates. To insulate the soldering you should use glue as it will be more protective.

Step 6: Now, one should seal the seal and fill the same with baking soda or you can use table salt/normal cooking salt.

Step 7: Test the performance in the presence of Sunlight as here we are done.

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Hence from here one can understand that CD can also act as a Solar cell and produce 12 volt energy from solar energy.