Chandrayaan – 2

Once Again, ISRO Surprised the World with Their Superpower: Chandrayaan – 2 Has Been Launched Successfully

A marvelous step has been achieved by the team of ISRO which make all of us proud. The team of ISRO has successfully completed the launch of second “Moon Mission” that is Chandrayaan – 2 and it has definitely make India proud. Everyone is congratulating the team for their great effort and we also pay our gratitude to them.

Chandrayaan - 2

Journey of Chandrayaan – 2

Chandrayaan – 2 was launched on 22nd July at 2:43 PM via the strongest rocket GSLV-MK3. The journey of 48 days of reaching the southern point of the moon has been started with the launch.

Chandraayan – 2 will get separated from GSLV-MK3 after attaining the height of 182 KM and start revolving around the earth. From 22nd July to 13th August, Chandrayaan – 2 will revolve around the earth only and post that from 13th August to 19th August it will revolve around the moon to know the facts which are still unknown about the same.

On 1st August Chandrayaan – 2 will get separated from Vikram Lander and start the journey to proceed towards the southern point of the moon. The ISRO scientists have chosen a place where none of the nations has gone. It is really a commendable job and hats off to the brave team.

Why This Mission Is Much Important for The Team of ISRO?

Moon Mission
  • To show the scientific talent of Indian Space Research Organization because initially, Russia was to make the Vikram Lander but they denied for the same. The team of ISRO has decided to build the same from their own and they have done it.
  • This small step of ISRO has made India a nation for whom nothing is impossible.
  • The place which they have chosen, none of the powerful countries have reached here yet.
  • The most powerful rocket GSLV-MK3 has been used in the mission.
  • Chandrayaan – 2 will search for some unique facts which are still not known like temperature, humidity and along with the chemical experiments.

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