Clone Gmail Draft: How to Copy Draft Emails in Gmail


Lots of times, a requirement comes when we have to send the same email to multiple persons but not by copying each one of them in the same email. So here a special method is given through which people will be able to use the drafts email feature in order to send the same email to all the users individually. The process is time-saving. While sending an email, the subject, email’s content and attachment will be the same for all the recipients and only their email addresses will vary. For example, as a business owner, you are sending a proposal about your offerings to all your clients. Sending an email through the copy-paste method will take lots of time hence let’s try a smart approach.

Formation of Duplicate Email Inside the Gmail

We have two options to create the duplicate email in which the former is Mail Merge for Gmail and later is Duplicate Draft Feature which is offered on the platform of Gmail.

Clone Gmail Draft

Steps to Create the Duplicate Email

Step 1: Go to the Gmail account through the login credentials. Create a new email that you are looking to send to all the recipients along with attachment if needed. Save the email as a Draft.

Gmail Account

Step 2: After composing the email, go to the Email Studio “”. It will ask for the access, then you should permit it to access the app. Access is taken because it will read the content and work on creation duplicate copies.

Step 3: After giving the access, hit the option of Draft Copier Section.

Emails Studio for Gmail Draft

Step 4: In order to get the multiple copies of the email, click on the source draft from the drop-down menu. Enter the number of copies required and then click on the option of “Clone Drafts”.

Duplicate Gmail Email Draft

Step 5: Here you will get the desired number of copies of the email which will have the same subject, email content, and attachment which has been created initially.

Gmail Draft

The available tool is actively working for both mobile platforms and desktop. Hence users will be able to access the draft copies from both the devices. Furthermore, the Gmail APIs and Google Scripts are used by web platforms to create multiple copies of the email in the draft section. Through the app, you only to have access to the Gmail account in order to copy the draft email. It strictly avoids the sharing of data anywhere else.

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A very important thing to know that Email studio is free for the limited number copies of the email, in which 3 emails can be drafted. Premium users will be able to have 10 copies of the email in a draft.

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