Crypto Wallet – List of Safest and Most Used Online Cryptocurrency Wallets


Before you start trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, you should have knowledge about cryptocurrency wallets.

4 Safest and Most Used Online Cryptocurrency Wallets


Blockchain Info - Crypto Wallet

In our opinion it is one of the safest online wallets in the network and, in addition, it offers the possibility of having a mobile wallet in the same account. We have one to make small payments with the mobile because we consider it quite versatile.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase - Crypto Wallet

It is an excellent exchange house that also incorporates wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum within its platform. It is very convenient to use because after making the purchase of Bitcoins, they are automatically deposited in the Coinbase wallet and from there, you can transfer them to any other wallet. It also has a wallet APP for mobile.

3. Kraken

Kraken - Crypto Wallet

It is one of the main exchange houses in the West. Its platform can be somewhat complex for beginners since it offers many possibilities for trading such as programming complex purchase or sale orders. The platform allows storing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies but with the purpose of operating them.

4. OKCoin

OKCoin - Crypto Wallet

It is one of the main exchange houses in China. Like other exchange houses, it offers an online wallet. It has a very good reputation, but we have never tried it.

Is there Any Bitcoin Wallet for Mobile Phones and Tablets Users?

Yes, many Bitcoin wallets are available for mobiles and tablets. This type of wallets is the most used to make small payments, it is the closest thing to a physical portfolio where we NEVER take all our savings. This type of crypto wallet usually downloads a small part of the chain of blocks, trusting that other nodes have the correct information on the chain of blocks. This system is called SPV and its full form is Simplified Payment Verification.

List of 3 Best-Known Bitcoin Mobile Wallets

1. Bitcoin Wallet

It is the best known online crypto wallet. Currently, It offers many options to simplify the process of transfers between users. It is available for Android mobile phone holders.


This wallet is very simple to use and, in addition, allows access also through the computer.

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3. Kipochi

Kipochi is a Kenya based merchant payment service provider. It is a mobile crypto wallet which allows you to use the telephone numbers to make the transfer. In this way, the process of making the transfer is greatly simplified.

Bitcoin Core – The Most Common Cryptocurrency Wallet for Computer Users

What is Bitcoin Core Wallet?

This type of wallet requires downloading the entire chain of blocks and, in addition, when we use it acts as a node of the decentralized databases (for the network to verify the chain of blocks with other users). This type of portfolio allows you to create public addresses and stores private keys on your computer.

Electrum Wallet

It is a very popular portfolio because it does not require downloading the entire blockchain and, therefore, it is much faster and somewhat less secure than the Bitcoin-qt portfolio. However, the degree of security, this wallet grants would be high.

Another of the great advantages offered by this system is the creation of what is known as seed and that allows you to create a copy of the wallet without any additional information. The seed which is a sequence of numbers and/or words that can be saved on paper, allows you to restore the wallet on another computer in case it is deleted.