DeskChain – An Online Dealing Platform


Deskchain is a unique platform where buyers and sellers can deal. This website is based on smart contracts and blockchain. This is a great platform that enables creators to sell their digital products straight to consumers without any interference of the middlemen.

Creators of all sorts such as software developers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, comedians, authors use DeskChain to sell products directly to consumers. It is mostly digital contents such as tutorials, music, games, films, eBooks, comics, web series or albums.

DeskChain – A Great Online Marketplace

Just imagine a platform that helps creators selling their products and freelancing service providers selling their products or services in an online marketplace that has a global presence.

DeskChain is a platform that is designed to offer a seamless experience of buying digital services or goods on a single click online. This is a great platform that cannot be corrupted by misleading services, fake goods or fake reviews. DeskChain is a good platform that is secure yet transparent that offers a super-fast approach in transferring the fund for goods and / or services.

DeskChain is a unique platform which is built on a Blockchain network that enables that user to purchase the digital goods or hire freelancing online services that have super-fast transaction speed.

DeskChain – Helps Buyers & Sellers

Using the Deskchain platform, users can promote and create their own online stores easily with a single click. It also offers the facility of secure communication between buyers and sellers, sell and purchase of tokens to third parties over the network, behavior insights, customer analytics and much more.

In this way, DeskChain is the most unique classified platform that is created for sellers and buyers. With the development of the blockchain, an increasing number of clients and organizations have begun utilizing the said framework keeping in mind the end goal to buy products and ventures. Starting at now, Deskchain is a blockchain stage made for purchasers and vendors everywhere throughout the world.

With a simple online store manufacturer, any dealer will be ready to make their own customer-facing facade and offer their computerized products. As opposed to sticking around to be found, you can offer your work straightforwardly to your supporters, fans, and clients.

Alongside blockchain innovation, brilliant contracts are of exceptional enthusiasm to organizations. In the traditional model of business connections, there’s dependably an outsider that stands between the two parties that are making an exchange and confirming the terms and conditions in an agreement. This third party might be a managing an account foundation, a law requirement organization, an administration foundation, or some other mediator. Unfortunately, these are often cumbersome and a source of business and legitimate clash. An answer can be found in supplanting conventional contracts with savvy ones.

A smart contract is an agreement, as a PC program that is executed naturally once certain pre-customized conditions are fulfilled. On blockchain, the objective of a smart contract is to rearrange business and exchange between both unknown and recognized parties now and again without the requirement for an agent. A smart contract downsizes on custom and expenses related to conventional techniques without bargaining on credibility and authenticity.

DeskChain saves precious time both for dealers and clients and conveys business and individual cooperation to a totally new level of improvement. It is phenomenal receptiveness to outside joining through API and the constructor, the straightforwardness of this technique and the scope of errands performed in light of end-to-end specialized and programming arrangements are really remarkable. The ‘DeskChain’ stage is valued by a great many clients around the globe for its ideal ease of use for the duration of the day in a solitary application in light of Blockchain and smart contract innovation.