Digitalization – Paper Money Transforms into Digital Currency


Digitalization is slowly transforming the way in which we relate, behave and do business in the world from the management of the supply chain to the way of serving customers. Nothing escapes this phenomenon. And it is not alien to any industry: from food to car production, all these activities are being affected by this process.

Little by little, digitalization is transforming the business models of companies and entire industries. Even the currency has been digitalized. The use of digital currency is not yet very clear to most people.

Bitcoin is one of the leaders in the field of digital currencies. Although there is little public knowledge about Bitcoin cryptocurrency, has registered an exponential growth in its quotation and use in less than a decade.

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5 Benefits of Digital Currency

  1. Ease in its acquisition and use
  2. Privacy assured
  3. It is not regulated by a central bank or national regulation
  4. Mitigate the risk of fraud
  5. It is free of taxes

In short, to use digital currency, it is as simple as accessing a local wallet such as on your mobile, computer, hardware wallet, pen drive or even a simple sheet of paper or a web wallet, which is free and can store all the digital currencies you want, without contracts or subscriptions.