Donate Bitcoin – Make Donation to NGO in Cryptocurrency

A donation with Bitcoin is a trend that has been seen more and more frequently lately. Bitcoins seem to be a perfect fundraiser because they cannot be forged and can be sent around the world with just a click of the mouse for a low transaction cost.

Also, in just a few minutes, you can be sure that the transaction has been completed and the recipient is the new owner of the Bitcoins. More and more companies seem to appreciate these qualities and therefore introduce Bitcoin as a means of payment for donations.

There are numerous advantages regarding making donations in Bitcoin, compared to other donation mechanisms. You can receive micro donations (example $ 1), there are no limits regarding the amounts to donate. You can donate from $ 1 to the amount you want.

In addition, there is no need to be banked or expose the identity of the user, it can be donated from anywhere in the world since it is the ideal currency of the Internet and it is also much more economical for the user to donate and for the institution to receive donations.

If you are looking to donate using Bitcoin, there are several genuine sites on which you can donate Bitcoins. BitHope is one of the genuine sites on which you can donate Bitcoin.

BitHope – A NGO who Accepts Donation in Bitcoins

BitHope, a non-governmental fundraising foundation for non-profit organizations started offering its services with the aim of allowing its users to receive and make donations in Bitcoins in a simple and transparent way.

BitHope - Donate Bitcoin

BitHope is based in Bulgaria. This foundation is interested above all in preserving transparency, but also legality. BitHope is legally registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria. Therefore, due to its legal nature, donors have the possibility to reduce their taxes in accordance with the laws in force in their country.

Also, this platform is not open to anyone who wants to upload a campaign. BitHope is responsible for studying each organization and choosing them to ensure the proper use of the funds collected. Its main partners in this work are the Bulgarian Center for nonprofit Law and who have worked together in the NGO sector for more than 15 years and have considerable experience in this area.

This foundation was created by Vladislav Dramaliev, a Bitcoin enthusiast from Bulgaria who is also the co-founder of Bitcoin, CoinFixer and the Bitcoin Association of Bulgaria. In addition, Dramaliev is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation and is well known for his presentations about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies before the media and during public events. Currently, he is working on this new project.

The BitHope Foundation is the only NGO in the country that accepts donations only in Bitcoins. Their main tool is the website they have been developing since the beginning of this year and whose beta version was recently released. The objective of this trial version is to initiate dialogue with the public and improve what is necessary before its official launch projected for October of this year.

Are you Interested to Donate Bitcoins?

The website has a page on which are the campaigns of the organizations previously admitted by the foundation. Each campaign has a Bitcoin address that acts as a virtual donation box. People interested in donating should only go to this page, choose the campaign of their choice, scan their QR code or copy their Bitcoin address and send the donation. Thanks to Bitcoin technology, donations are very easy to make, fast and without transaction costs or with very low commissions.

Once the campaigns are finished, the Bitcoins can be sent directly to the beneficiary or can be converted to the traditional currency before being sent.

As each campaign has a unique Bitcoin address during the process, anyone can view their transaction history.