Freedom Fighters of Uganda | List of Top Ugandan Leaders

Freedom fighters of Uganda have been rare but reputed among the citizens of Uganda. Their life stories are a real deal to hear. Their faith and contribution in the country’s welfare was unforgettable. You can check out, those freedom fighters as mentioned below:

David Oyjte Ojok:

David Oyjte Ojok

He was born in Uganda during April 1940. Also, his career led him to be a military commander in Uganda. This department was operated under the leadership of different head managers and generals. These head positions were very well equipped with leadership skills and tactics.

It also had the Uganda National Liberal along with the Tanzania Defence member coalition issue in hand, still, he was the one who manages to keep a balance at both sides. He had been serving Uganda as an army chief having the highest rank on being a major general.

Uganda is a place which is related to both Muslims and Christians. Along with these two majorities, there are even other ethnicities in Uganda. David had made sure that no one feels left out and there is a sense of equality for all. In such unique way the Ugandian leaders have contributed of their part.

Milton Obote:

Milton Obote

Milton was known to be one of those former “fathers” who has worked very hard for the Independence of Africa. He was appointed as the very first president of Uganda where he went to the Jail and also had many acquisitions. But it did not stop him to fight for his country.

He was been thrown in an over manner by the own commander-in-chief named Tito Okello and Brigader Bazillo. The council of the military was being formed and it was not getting the advance timeline which was led by the exact position currently available.

But this is not the only “feat” to be attributed to this son of a chief, born on December 28, 1924, in Akoroko, into the Langi tribe, settled in northern Uganda.

Northerners were considered “backward and uneducated”, but Milton Obote’s social status had allowed him to study. Become an ambitious young teacher, he made his political apprenticeship in Kenya, before entering the colonial administration. In 1960, he founded the Ugandan People’s Congress (UPC), a party made up of several minority ethnic groups.

Godfrey Binaisa:

Godfrey Binaisa

Godfrey was born in the provinces of Uganda in May during 1920. He was a lawyer through the profession and Attorney general of this country.

Later then, he was appointed as the President of Uganda for around 1 year. Talking about his personal life, he was born in Kampala, Binaisa. His graduation was done in the King’s College Budo and Makerere College.

Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa QC (30 May 1920 – 5 August 2010) was a Ugandan lawyer who was the Attorney General of Uganda from 1962 to 1968 and later served as President of Uganda from June 1979 to May 1980. At his death, he was Uganda’s only surviving former president. He became an activist member in the Uganda National Congress and even the united party in Uganda.