Top 4 Freedom Fighters of USA (United States of America)

America has been known for its great history which led many people to take interest in knowing the contribution of the following freedom fighters. These were the ones who always stood up for the Independence of America:

1. Husband E. Kimmel:

Husband E. Kimmel

He was born on the 26th of February in 1882. His birthplace belongs to Kentucky in Henderson (United States). After his graduation and other training, he was promoted to be a backup admiral in the year of 1937 where he was established as a commander of the cruise which was run by a particular department during the Chief of Pacific Fleet Cruises.

He had seen many wars and battles of the USA which were devastated by the division made between them. It clearly showed that it was for only the trouble makers and trouble facer’s world. With the same ideology and therapy, he tried to conquer the hearts of all people.

2. John J. Pershing:

John J. Pershing - Freedom Fighters of USA

This name had taken years to come up with today’s generation but he was the primary chief of the United States Army Officer. He was in the post where he needed to serve people as a responsible chief, in general, saving his citizens. He always perched the demands that are not even believed. During that time there was a lot of opposition but he strongly created a unit with a single force that had allowed the units which were black to be taken away by the French army.

The first particular war of Pershing was Cantigny, Belleau Wood, and Sissons, They had been successfully using the tanks and equipment of France and British where there were artillery, airplanes and other different materials. The first-ever army of that era was led by Pershing. He had always a salient officer with this own persona.

3. Thomas Baker:

Thomas Baker - Freedom Fighters of USA

Here, he was born on the 7th of July. He was selected as a soldier at United States Army where he was also awarded as a gold medalist with Honor for his brave actions taken during World War 11. This all happened at the time when the Battle of Saipan flued.

Baker had also fought with different nationality countries and continents including Japan. Here he had intensely wounded people in the attack. He fought with all the soldiers until the ended and could not succeed. But the target for him was also defeated the opposition party’s troop always succeeded.

4. George Marshall Jr.

George Marshall Jr. - Freedom Fighters of USA

This member had made a great deal with others with the United States Army by being chief after strict training. He also had served many other renowned freedom fighters Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The leader Winston Churchill had created a good position of this person named “manager of the victory” under his leadership. But still, George Marshall had never been familiar with the advocates of the company who would take care of this matter.

He had also received the Noble Peace Prize for making peace all around the places. He was considered to be a key planner and architect in shaping the operations of America with Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

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