Google Sheet Acts As the Amazon Price Analyzer


If you are fond of online shopping then you should stick to this content. At the ecommerce website like Amazon, the price of products gets varied and checking them regularly is not possible in routine. Hence Google spreadsheet has the power to monitor the price variation and alerts for the same could be received via email. All the shopping lovers have to simply add the items in the Google spreadsheet and regular alert in regards to price variation will get reflected at the email id. The practice will not let you to miss any attractive deal of the products.

Here we are mentioning about the steps which should get followed in order to keep the record of the products and their prices. Simply the users will have to add the URL or link of the products from the website of Amazon in a Google Spreadsheet.

Let’s begin start to covert Google sheet into amazon price tracker with the required steps

Step 1: Amazon Access Keys Generation

At the very first step, users must have an account at Amazon website. Open the website of Amazon Associates and sign in with the same account of Amazon by putting the valid details. After signing in, click at the Tools option from Menu and select the API (Product advertising API) which will be available at the dropdown menu and select the option of Manage Your Credentials. Through the step, Amazon will generate a unique Key ID along with secret key. These generated keys will be used in the upcoming steps.

Google Sheet Acts As the Amazon Price Tracker

Step 2: Copy of Spreadsheet

The users should add the created spreadsheet in the Google Account without changing the layout. Changing of the layout may lead to the wrong way. Start entering the product’s url in a column of the Google sheet. One product should at one line.

Google Sheet Acts As the Amazon Price Tracker Copy Url

While copying the URLs, users will be able to see the 10 digit ASIN code which reflects the individual product’s identity and at the time of price variation, it will help to generate the alert. Further, the sheet will also reflects the other information like name of the merchants, total savings, eligibility, offers, sales rank and availability of free shipping.

Step 3: Setting of Budget Friendly Prices

The step is not as much mandatory like others. Through the step users will be able to set a specific budget corresponding to any product and sheet will generate the alert only after reaching at that value. To accomplish this step, users have to enter the URL in another column by mentioning their preferred budget.

For example: if any product A is available at $790 and you are willing to purchase the same only after getting 25% off. Hence maintain the record by keeping the same scenario in mind and the Google sheet will generate the alert after reaching at your budget.

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Step 4: Inter-Connection of Google Spread Sheet and Price Tracker Sheet

After setting all the data, now users have to configure the two sheets. To perform the activity, perform the below mentioned steps:

  • Open Amazon Price Tracker menu
  • Select Configure
  • Give permission to price tracker script to get connected with Amazon API for one time only and share email
  • Enter access keys and the email id at which alerts are needed
  • After that click at Save to activate the Amazon Price Tracker
  • By completing the steps you will start getting alerts for all your listed products

So these are the smart steps to keep a track of the price of your favorite products.

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