How Google Make Money from Adwords?


There are multiple ways through which Google generates revenue and Adwords is one of them. We all know that Google is the biggest search engine and in the present era almost 85% of the audiences interact with Google almost on daily basis.

Most of us think that Google is offering all the important information without charging anything but it is not the whole truth. The biggest company is making unexpected figure through the campaigns of advertisement.

Adwords is the provision offered by Google through which promoters pay to display their services or products in the suitable range of audiences. The content of advertisement can be in the format of text, images, videos etc… Here the promoters have to pay when the end users click on the ads.

Ads Format Google Adwords

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If someone chooses to create an account in order to promote the product by making a campaign then he or she will be needed to set the budget for particular campaigning. Apart from that the selection of targeted audiences and location will also be set during the process.

Audiences Google Adwords

Google will only deduct the payment when someone clicks on the created campaign. Nowadays Google Adwords are in trend and all businesses are doing the same.