How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?


If you are the one who is looking to gather knowledge about expanses over dental implants, you are at the right place. Here we are presenting some researched content that will give you a fair idea about the cost of dental implants. However, the actual cost of dental implantation depends on the type of treatment needed. As we know, dental implantation has various methods, and based on the requirement of the patient, its type is chosen by the experts.

Common Dental Implants Activities

  1. Root Form Titanium Implant
  2. Ramus Frame Implant
  3. Blade Form Implant
  4. Sub periosteal Implant
  5. Plate Form Implant

So, these are the types of dental implants and each one has its own significance. The actual price of the treatment is dependent upon the method used and the criticality of the jaw bone.

Cost of Dental Implants

Further, we understand, people look for a reliable budget along with quality service. If we compare the cost of dental implantation between all the leading nations such as the USA, UK, Canada, India etc…, we will find that India is offering the most prominent price for dental implantation. Hence if you are searching for a low-cost dental implant, India will suit you. At the same time, prior to hiring your dentist, always analyze their previous records in terms of quality etc… As you know, health is the real wealth and just to save a mere penny never compromise with the quality especially when your health is involved. However, dental implantation is an easier process but still, a simple ignorance may generate serious consequences.

Now, for your understanding, we are sharing a comparison sheet that will show you the approximate cost of dental implants in various verticals of the world. Please keep in mind that these prices are the only estimation that will give you a rough idea. Actual pricing will depend on the type of treatment you are taking and some other parameters.

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Various Types of Dental Implants and Approximate Dental Implants Cost by Countries

Various Types of Dental Implants Approximate Dental Implants Cost by Countries
US UK India Thailand Singapore
Endosteal Implant $3500 $2800 $300 $400 $450
Subperiosteal Implant $4500 $3500 $400 $500 $600
Trans-osseous Implant $6500 $5000 $500 $600 $750
Plate Form Implant $5000 $3500 $310 $420 $490
Root Form Implant $7100 $5600 $560 $660 $860

The dental implants cost is represented in US dollars.

So, we have shared a rough estimation for the dental implantation and we hope, now you have some idea about the cost. Also, please review your consultant twice before starting the surgical process.