How Much Earning in Panipuri/Golgappa Business?

You cannot deny with the fact that India is country where we see Panipuri lovers more than anything in else. Have you ever realized the earnings of a seller who sells Golgappas or Panipuri? You cannot even imagine, the earning is superb and is more than a normal business man.

How Much Earning in Panipuri Business

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A well researched material is getting presented that has full day earning of a panipuri seller and from here you can estimate the monthly or yearly income.

The seller works for 6 hours in a day and sells approximately 180 plates in a day. By seeing the love towards street food we are assuming that 30 plates of panipuri are sold in one hour. Hence 6*30=180 plates are sold. The cost of one plate is Rs. 20 and hence they earn (180*20) Rs. 3600 in a day. On an average let’s we count it 3000 INR in one day. This leads the monthly income to be approximately 90,000/-.

Apart from that, if we discuss about the investment then it is 1000 INR per day by considering each aspect. Hence we will reduce the investment by the earning and hence the net income will be as:

INR 90000 – INR 30000 = INR 60,000/-

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Means, annually a “Panipuri Wala” can earn approximately 7 lakhs. Hence you can imagine the earning of the street food seller.