How to Appeal for A Denied Car Insurance Claim?


Insurance is a kind of risk cover element that stands behind an individual if any miss-happening comes. Maximum number of people does so to protect the valuable assets like car, home, bike, mobile phones etc… Further, insurance gives tax rebate as per the section of 80C. Vehicle insurance is must prior to start driving and here we will explore the facts related to appeal for denied car insurance.

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Car Insurance Denied - How to Appeal for A Denied Car Insurance Claim

Insurance policies need to claim at the time of need but it passes through certain legal steps for the correct verification of the individual and his/her car. In some cases, the claim got denied due to some discrepancy and re-application is required in those cases. There are people who are not aware about the process to apply the claim for the cases that are denied and here you get a chance to explore the same.

Initial Steps to Proceed with Denied Car Insurance:

  • If the claim got denied, then write a letter to the insurance company showing an intention to know the reason for denial.
  • Also, check out the documents of insurance whether the claim denial is legitimate or not
  • From your end, cross verify the entire attached document and along with its validity
  • If nothing is incorrect from your end, then discuss the scenario with the insurance company’s customer support. Also, if possible try to visit to the branch physically.

Required Document to Appeal for Car Insurance Claim:

  • Copy of a policy paper
  • A duplicate copy of the letter issued by the insurer
  • All the letter and communicated evidences between you and the insurer
  • Payment receipt’s copies
  • Claim form
  • Duplicate copies of all the identity proofs

The Key Points which Should Be in Mind If Insurance Denial Happens and Re-appealing of the Same:

  1. Analyze the defects in the documents submitted in the support of claim for the car.
  2. If problem is curable at your end, then remove the same and re-submit it again.
  3. If problem is out of your reach then collect all the supporting evidences in a file.
  4. Take assistance from the car insurer of the company.
  5. Keep yourself relaxed and follow the guidelines recommended by the company.
  6. Submit the documents once again to verify.
  7. Follow the timeline and work in association with insurer in order to know the progress of the process.
  8. If all goes well, you will get your claim towards the car.

These are the steps in order to apply the denial car insurance. Hope with this information you will be come out from the claim stuck situation.