How to Discard Used Corona Masks?


The world is passing through a pandemic and everyone is just looking to get relived. Covid-19 has spread its leg at very large scale and very all are pretty aware with the conditions of China, Italy, Spain and America.

America is the most powerful country in all means but they are also unable to control the influence of the Corona virus. There are only precautions through which lives can be saved; otherwise no vaccine is yet developed and if you have ignored the precautions then consequences will be unbearable. Social distancing is promoted at very large scale in order to get protection from the virus but up to some extent we all need to go out in order to fulfill the daily. As a safety we major we should have mask to cover the nose and mouth.

How to Discard Used Corona Masks

There are lots of gangs who got caught because of marketing of fake masks and you should also aware of the same. There are lots of used marks also sold in the market hence we are mentioning the proper formula so that one could discard the used corona masks.

Say No to Fake Corona Masks

Usually the unused and fresh masks are always soft in touch and properly packed. The packing is done to protect the mask from all external pollutants. Oppositely, the used masks will not be packed with proper seal and style. From here one can have an idea about the originality of the masks. Apart from that, whenever original masks are circulated it will either be by any government authorized body or any pharmaceutical company with complete bill etc… Used masks will be sold in a hidden style without the name of any specific vendor. So these two are major points through which you will be able to check whether the supplied mask is genuine or fake.

If you come to know about the black marketing of the masks, immediately discard it and inform the nearest police station. By doing this you are just fulfilling the promise of a good citizen of the country.

How to Use Corona Masks:

If you are healthy and living at your own home then no need to wear the mask but if you are going outside, you must have it.

Step 1: Before picking the mask, sanitize your hand.

Step 2: Tie the mask by covering the nose properly.

Step 3: Go out and complete the task.

Step 4: Open the mask and keep it outside.

Step 5: Sanitize your hand again.

The pandemic will get defeated only when we take precautions from our own. The whole country is locked down and from here one can understand the condition. So try to stay at home and save lives. We wish the condition becomes smoother as soon as possible and all shall get their routine life back.