How to Play Cricket?


Cricket is the most liked game over the world and it is played almost in all the corridors. Almost 99% people love the game and lots of them are die-hard fans. So here we will discuss about the techniques which must be followed while playing the game. Let’s start with the style of playing.

Play Cricket

There are 11 players participate in the cricket game and is being played through three major criteria in which first is batting, second is bowling and third is fielding. The game is played between two teams in which at one time one team bats and other one bowls. In batting team, two players come at ground and take the position at two ends which is called as wicket ends. Bowler sets the whole team in the playground and starts bowling. Batsman hits the ball and runs between the wickets. The number of runs, he takes between the wickets, is counted as the total run till the time ball backs to the wicket.

Cricket Playground - How to Play Cricket

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Apart from that there is provision of getting 4 runs and 6 runs in one hit of the ball. If the batsman hits the ball directly out of the playground without touching the ground is called as “Six” and batsman gets 6 run for that ball. If ball reached the boundary line then the batsman gets 4 runs.

Boundries 6 and 4 - How to Play Cricket

Match gets started with a Toss. Batting team always play with an intention to give highest possible score to chase for the opponent whereas bowling team ensures to all out the whole team at least possible score. Those who makes more score, wins the match.

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ICC i.e. International Cricket Council is governing body of cricket at global platform and time to time various tournaments are organized. In India, BCCI i.e. Broad of Control for Cricket in India is responsible for the management of matches.

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