How to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls?

Let us recognize that, although it is a source of small conflicts in families when it is shouted: Who has left the roll empty and has not changed it? The roll of toilet paper is one of the key elements in the home.

Now a brand already sells the roll that can be thrown into the toilet because it is biodegradable, but if we want to reuse it, we have many possibilities. The most practical and simple is like organizing pieces in the drawers. We can use the rolls to store socks, necklaces, cables, and many more things but they also serve as: Imaginative toy for children like Christmas decorations, Wall decorations, gift envelopes and much more.

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The classic shout would have to be changed to who has thrown the paper roll instead of giving it another useful life? But for that we must leave laziness and comfort behind as these statistics reflect:

  • Only 46% of consumers recycle cardboard tubes. 22% simply throw them into normal trash.
  • About 25% leave them in the bathroom to be thrown away by the next person.
  • Women change the roll more often than men (88% – 62%).
  • If the scrolls spoke, they would tell us that we have much to change.

Tricks to Transform Used Toilet Paper Rolls and Not Have to Throw Them Away:

Decorate your mirror: A simple wall mirror can become a new element of decoration thanks to this fantastic idea. You just have to use the rolls of toilet paper, which you can paint or not, to create flowers that will surround the base of the mirror.

Decorate Mirror with Toilet Paper Roll

Storage for toys: If your child is a fan of toy cars this is a great idea to store them and think they have their garage at home.

Storage for toys with Toilet Paper Rolls

Your little plantation: You can use these cardboard rolls to create small planters that will help your plants grow when they are still too small for a normal pot. Also, the cardboard will decompose over time.

Little Plantation with Toilet Paper Rolls

Sort your worktable: Are you one of those people who like to have all their things tidy or else can’t work? This idea will be very useful. It is really easy to make and you can decorate the cardboard rolls as you like.

Worktable with Toilet Paper Rolls

Original pen: Another idea for your work table may be to create this original pen that uses small pieces of tree twigs to give it a natural look.

Original Pen With Toilet Paper Rolls

Birdfeeder: With this idea it will be much easier to feed the birds in your garden. You just have to cover the roll with peanut butter so that the birdseed sticks better to it.

Birdfeeder with Toilet Paper Rolls

Organize your cables: You can decorate the rolls if you want them to be more striking but the most important thing is that in this way all your cables will be ordered and you will not spend hours looking for them.

Organize your cables with Toilet Paper Rolls

Threads holder: You can wrap your skeins of yarn or different fabrics around these rolls to keep them tidy.

Threads Holder with Toilet Paper Rolls

Gift wrap: If you have several open wrapping paper rolls, you will know that they tend to unroll and break, so placing a roll of toilet paper in this way will keep them protected.

Gift wrap with Toilet Paper Rolls

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