How to Use Applications of Google Script: Google Apps Starter Script


The flexibility of using Google’s product on any website is getting increased day by day. In such cases, Google Apps Script plays an important role because it allows integrating the various features of Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps and APIs of Google. The script does not need any new programming language and server space because it runs at the cloud storage.

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Google Apps Script

The run time execution does not perform at the browser and here we will explore the various aspects of the development of Google Apps script for any specific web panel. At the very initial stage, you will have to write the code of Java in an organized module and the created environment will use Babel and Web pack in order to transform the code in the required version of JavaScript which will also support the Apps Script.

Let’s Start with the Google Apps Script Starter

Here the developer will be required to initiate ‘Starter kit’ in order to get started rapidly with the process of development of local Apps Script development which will get created at the local site of the system in VS Code.

Here’s Hello World Program in Google Apps Script

Let’s write our first very basic “Hello World” program with Google Apps Script.

Just follow the steps:

  1. Go to the
  2. Click on blank project.
  3. Select script editor from menu tools.

After selecting you will see Google Apps Script editor window Like,

Google Apps Script Editor

You will see default Google script file named “” and default code.

Now in the code window write following code for our “Hello World” program.

Google Apps Script Code

Now run the mentioned code in the terminal. You will see the authorization window for security purpose.

Google Apps Script Run Authorization

Click on continue for running app and give permission “Allow” to interact with your documents.

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