How to Write More Than 280 Characters Tweet at Twitter?


Sometimes, the requirement comes when we need to make a tweet more than 280 characters, but the rules of the Twitter platform stops doing that. There are few apps through which one can be able to express their thoughts in more than 280 characters on the social platform.

Initially, twitter allowed making a tweet of only 140 characters and now it has been expanded to 280 characters. As mentioned above, there are few apps that help to write longer tweets, and in this series, “TwitLonger” ( an app is there. It helps you to write the tweets of more than the limited characters.

Twitlonger Write More Than 280 Characters Tweet

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Further in the series, you can also check the latest version of “Tall Tweets 280” ( which is a web-based application. It also allows you to write the tweet in more than the bounded range of characters. The approach of representation of the tweet is a little bit different.

Details of Tall Tweets and How Can They Get Presented

Whenever we publish the long tweets, the ‘Tall Tweets’ portal divides the same in multiple small tweets of around 280 characters or less. It gets published in the right order and is sent in the opposite series which will be readable from top to bottom.

Furthermore, users can type the whole tweet in the format of the image and publish the same in a single tweet. Characters counting rules will get denied if you upload it in the format of any image. Lots of people do the same.

Tall Tweets Write More Than 280 Characters Tweet at Twitter

In order to make any tweet at Twitter, the user should have an account on the platform. Compose the tweet which means write whatever you want to share publically and press the “submit or enter button”. The tweets with hyperlinks get shortened with the extension of The platform of Twitter is used across the globe and has the highest level of security.