Is It Possible to Track Amazon Product Price?


Yes, it is quite possible to track the products’ price of Amazon. Amazon is a giant marketplace and we all interacting with the website almost on daily basis. This happens because online shopping is in trend now where you get a chance to have a wide range of collection and of course it saves your time. There are so many people who put the products in wish list and wait for offers and discounts.

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Do you know there are ways through which you will get notify about your wish-listed product automatically. We will let you know how?

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There is no need to be a technocrat, just add all the products that you need in future in a Google spread sheet. After that login to the Amazon site and go to the section of tools and select API. Then you get an access key that needs to be at safe place.

Then add the created spread sheet at Google and do not change the layout. Now we will configure the two sheets in which former one is List of products and another one is price tracker. Now integrate them through below steps:

Steps for Track Amazon Product Price

  • Open Amazon Price Tracker menu
  • Select Configure
  • Give permission to price tracker script to get connected with Amazon API for one time only and share email
  • Enter access keys and the email id at which alerts are needed
  • After that click at Save to activate the Amazon Price Tracker
  • By completing the steps you will start getting alerts for all your listed products

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