Know about Domain Name with Levels before Buying a Domain

A domain name is an identity or address that defines a territory of administrative authority or control on the internet. In simple means, it is a web address where a website lives on the internet. These names are referred to as Domain Name System (DNS). Whatever name is registered in the DNS is referred to as domain name and its use as naming and addressing different websites.

For Example:

Domain Name

As per Wikipedia survey in 2021, 794 millions of domain names had been registered. Subdomains are also in there.

Different Types of Top Level Domain Name

1. ccTLD – It stands for Country Code Top Level Domains.

For Example: .uk, .us, .ca etc…

Country Code Top Level Domains - Domain Name Levels

2. gTLD – It stands for Generic Top Level Domains.

For Example: .com, .net, .org etc…

Generic Top Level Domains - Domain Name Levels

3. ITLD – It stands for Infrastructure Top Level Domains.

For Example: .arpa

Address and Routing Parameter Area is the full form of ARPA. .arpa is exclusively used for Internet infrastructure purposes.

.arpaFully reserved to support operationally critical infrastructural identifier spaces
as112.arpaFor reverse IP address lookups
e164.arpaFor mapping E.164 numbers to Internet URLs
home.arpaFor residential home networks
in-addr-servers.arpaFor hosting authoritative name servers
in-addr.arpaIt is mapping IPv4 addresses to IDN
ip6-servers.arpaUsed for hosting authoritative name servers  which are for the domain
ip6.arpaMapping IPv6 addresses to IDN
ipv4only.arpaFor detecting the presence of DNS64 and protocol translation
iris.arpaFor locating IRIS
uri.arpaFor resolving URI allowing to the DDDS
urn.arpaFor resolving URN allowing to the DDDS
For information some full forms are as below:
  • IDN – Internet Domain Names
  • IRIS – Internet Registry Information Services
  • DDDS – Dynamic Delegation Discovery System
  • URI – Uniform Resource Identifiers
  • URN – Uniform Resource Names

4. IDN ccTLD – It stands for Internationalized Country Code Top Level Domains. These domain names are specified by 3 types.

1. Second level

For Example: In website URL “”, the name “bloodyloosers” is called as second level domain.

Second Level Domain - Domain Name Levels

2. Third level

For Example: In website URL “”, the name “bloodyloosers” is called as third level domain.

Third Level Domain - Domain Name Levels

3. Subdomain

For Example: In website URL “”, the name “blog” is called as subdomain.

For registration of a domain name, there are various companies available online which are called domain and hosting service providers. They sell domain names and also provide you different web services. So it’s obvious they will charge you for it but still you try for free domain registration or cheap domain registration.

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In the way, all names or labels of the DNS are case insensitive, mostly website names are written in lowercase only. If you type it in upper case that doesn’t make any difference.

After all this information you can try to register your domain. But keep in mind this is not free, you have to pay charges for registration as well as renewal. If you are good in deal finding and searching then you can get that free domain registration opportunity. If you are new then it’s good to go with Godddy who is a cheap domain registration service provider across the world.