List of Freedom Fighters of Myanmar (Burma): Burmese Freedom Fighters


Myanmar, also formerly known as Burma have been known for its more than 100 ethnicities residing in the country. The Yukon has around different tourist places as it falls under the largest city in Myanmar. These ethnicities have been living in peace for many years only because of the contribution of these freedom fighters:

General Saw Maung:

General Saw Maung

General Saw Maung assumes the leadership of the Government in Burma. General Saw Maung, who took power on Sunday in Burma, was elected prime minister yesterday by the members of the Government he appointed last Tuesday.

Saw Maung also has the Defense and Foreign Affairs portfolios. Meanwhile, demonstrations against the military regime in the main Burmese cities continue. Since last Sunday he has had at least 161 deaths, according to official sources (at least 500, according to Western diplomats).

Considered as a personality close to General Ne Win, who controlled power for 26 years in Burma, he saw Maung has ordered his troops to remain disciplined and not commit abuses against the civilian population, especially against women.

A military statement released on the Yangon radio yesterday asked soldiers to respect women: The men of the defense forces must remain free from any reproach in their relations with women. They do not need to violate military discipline or that are delivered to indecent acts.

Ne Win:

Ne Win

Ne Win is known to be a great military commander born in July 1940. He had engaged with the Burmese army for many years. He was appointed as Prime Minister of Myanmar in the late ’90s for around more than 4 years. Later then he was uplifted on a higher post of being the President of the country.

The socialist Burman period saw Ne Win as the military dictator who flew around 1962 to 1988. He was also engaged in many socio-economic activities happening in the country.

Later he became the leader of that organization. During the Cold War, he had made the country follow a neutralist policy which made the country safer. He had taken part in the movement of Non-aligned and had made a distance from the Major Continents to maintain peace.

He had maintained a good relationship with the Chinese government at the very beginning, but the temporary fight due to some export business issues had made the country broke the ties and alliance with China. But Myanmar has achieved enough under his leadership.

Kyaw Htin:

Kyaw Htin

Kyaw Htin is one of the Defense Amry who had been awarded for showing his bravery during the Japanese occupation in Burma had increased. He had to join a national group to fight for the freedom of the country. During the early ’90s, the country was acquired by the Britishers.

The group that he had joined was of Japanese origin. Through mutual understanding, they were successfully able to fight from the British army and achieve freedom. Later then, there was even another fight against Japan during the Second World War, where Kyaw showed his bravery and love the country. He was also promoted to be a lieutenant.