List of Insurance Companies in UK

In all the European countries, UK has the most powerful market of the insurance sector. Approximately 1.8tn pound is the net worth and it made the country third in the whole world from the perspective of insurance market. Now let’s move towards the list of Insurance companies in UK so that the people living at United Kingdom would be able to understand the same.

Top 5 Insurance Companies in UK

1. Aviva:

Aviva - Insurance Companies in UK

It is the biggest insurance company of UK and is known for its magnificent investments. The total worth of the company till now is 11.2bn pound as per their reports in the year 2018. The leading corporate holds 17% market share of the life insurance and 10% share of the general insurance. The Insurance Company of UK invests in the market of US and the percentage of customers is 48% here. Means near to half of the population prefer to invest in Aviva to get the best and assured returns.

2. AIG:

AIG - Insurance Companies in UK

Next Insurance Company that comes in the list is AIG that has worth of 5.3bn pound as per their reports presented in the year 2017. AIG is called as American International Group and they invest in the market of Asia, Europe and Africa. The wide range of reach can be seen in the market of North America. Lots of largest insurers are connected with the company as per their presented report last year.

3. AXA:

AXA - Insurance Companies in UK

It is the subsidiary of AXA Group that operated throughout the UK and Ireland. The company has the net worth of 4.46 billion pounds that they have shown in their reports of 2018. The market of France, Germany and Switzerland are evolved here.

4. Zurich Insurance Group:

Zurich Insurance Group - Insurance Companies in UK

The net worth of Zurich Insurance Group is $4.67 billion as per the analysis of records presented in the year 2018. Majorly the company works on policies of life insurance, property and causality. Zurich Insurance group targets the markets of Europe, Asia and North America across the globe. Apart from that, Spain is the largest market that is followed by Germany for the investment related to life insurance policies.

5. RSA Group:

RSA Group - Insurance Companies in UK

As per the reports of RSA Group, 57% of the polices will be linked with pets and vehicles and balance 47% be with businesses. Its gross written premium was 4.12bn pound in the 2018 and it was magnificent. The evolved markets are of Europe, Asia, North America and the Caribbean countries. Moreover, the policies related to property, and personal lines are developed here.

Hence these are most known and recognized insurance companies in United Kingdom. Further, we will add some more knowledgeable topics hence keep the thread of browsing open. Let us know if any query comes in mind.