List of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems


Operating system is just like an interface through which the end user and computer hardware gets connected. The operating system is the base because of which computer takes your commands. It does all the tasks like memory management, file management, process management, input & output command handling etc… Apart from command handling, the OS (operating systems) also controls the peripheral devices just like printers, disk drives.

As per the change and advancement of technology, various OS are launched time to time for ease and comfort of users. Here we will provide you the list of various operating systems so that one could know about the same.

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Microsft windows have launched many variations of the operating systems as per the growth and development of the era. In the 29 years, these 9 variations are launched and if we discuss for features then they are almost familiar but the feel and look is completely different from each other. So let’s have a look of various windows from the period of Bill Gates to Satya Nadella.

Look at Microsoft Windows Operating Systems List

1. Windows 1

Windows 1 - Windows Operating System

2. Windows 2

Windows 2 - Windows Operating System

3. Windows 3

Windows 3 - Windows Operating System

4. Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 - Windows Operating System

5. Windows 95

Windows 95 - Windows Operating System

6. Windows 98

Windows 98 - Windows Operating System

7. Windows ME

Windows ME - Windows Operating System

8. Windows 2000

Windows 2000 - Windows Operating System

9. Windows XP

Windows XP - Windows Operating System

10. Windows Vista

Windows Vista - Windows Operating System

11. Windows 7

Windows 7 - Windows Operating System

12. Windows 8

Windows 8 - Windows Operating System

13. Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 - Windows Operating System

14. Windows 10

Windows 10 - Windows Operating System

Above mentioned are the list of windows operating systems which are launched by Microsoft as of now. Keep yourself in loop to know more amazing facts.

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