List of Most Useful Coding Tools for Developers


To increase the productivity of the developer, the various essential tools of programming are being mentioned here. Programming is too vast and getting all at a time is quite difficult. Hence we have explored few options which will help the programmers for quick and efficient execution of the code.

So Let’s Begin with The Essential Tools of Programming:

  • The document contains all the well-known programming languages along with their frameworks. It has also the ability to work offline and instant search.
  • The extension enables to have the own web based applications which will run in browser. It can be created by using any kind of NPM package or by import of the GitHub repository. Also one can build the same by deploying to the Firebase through any framework.
  • The platform allows the developer to scan all the dependencies of the project through the upload of package.jason file. It also helps to find the import cost of any package available in the registry of NPM.
  • After writing the code or program in JavaScript just wait, the Babel will transform the whole code in the desired version of JavaScript which will be compatible for all new and latest browsers.
  • The command helps in creation of responsive interface and is compatible with the frameworks of Bootstraps, Semantic UI and CSS.
  • To make the HTTP request to the web servers along with Restful APIs the mentioned tool should be used by the developer. The tool is very simple to use and is much power as CURL.
  • The developers, who work on regular expression, can test those expressions through the tool at any browser.
  • The tool will help the developers to get the visual representation of the expression written in an editor.
  • The tool helps in construction of visual regular expression.
  • For testing purposes, developers need dummy data and in such cases the tool will be useful. It allows to get the testing data in the format of CSV, JSON, SQL etc…

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