List of Top Super Flop Actors in Hollywood


Bollywood cinema has the special place across the globe and there is equal craze for Hollywood movies as well. Their actions seen are just mind-blowing and the people are fond of the same. Along with all these there are actors of Hollywood industry who could not do well in their acting career. Success and failure is completely rated by the almighty So here you get to know about the super flops actors of the field.

Super Flop Actors in Hollywood

1. Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau - Super Flop Acto in Hollywood

Tommy Wiseau has worked in a film known as “The Room”. It is considered under the category of worst movies of all time. The accent of the lead role is over worldly. The lines of the whole movies are not proper and taking it somewhere else. Public becomes unable to connect with the same and the actor has not contributed at all from his acting skills.

2. Alan Bagh

Alan Bagh - Super Flop Acto in Hollywood

Another actor that comes in the list of flops is Alan Bagh who has worked in several movies like “Birdemic: Shock & Terror”. The story of the movie was bad and the acting of the actor is worst which the main thing is. Public really find his acting horrible and they used to laugh on the same. Background actors do better than him.

3. Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin - Super Flop Acto in Hollywood

Eddie Griffin is considered as one of the super flops actors and his rating is 24.1% on rotten tomatoes. The conclusion is made by Slate.

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4. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris - Super Flop Acto in Hollywood

As per the ratings of Rotten Tomatoes the actor is also counted as flop actor. His rating is 18.4% and public really do not like his acting.

5. Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore - Super Flop Acto in Hollywood

The actor has no skills of acting and done lots of terrible movies. It seems like, he does same kind of roles again and again. He always prefers to do funny roles but there is no justification with the same.