National Game of USA


United States is known for their smartness and powerfulness. Here we will discuss about the sports related to the country. Baseball is the national game here and is played at very large scale. People are obsessed and crazy for the game. Throughout the year, the game is played in various tournaments and players take part with enthusiasm.

Baseball - The National Game of USA

The game of baseball is a bat-ball game in which one team does batting and other one is fielding at one time. The format of the game is different from cricket and the chaos for the game is vibrant is UK.

The fielding team is usually called as pitcher and the game starts when the pitcher throws the ball and batsman hit it. Batting team tries to hit the ball at maximum distance so that he could score runs.

Baseball is the National Game of USA

There are 4 bases across which a batsman runs. The batsman has to reach the first base without the hit of the ball, and once he safely reaches at one base then again he can proceed for the subsequent bases. After hitting the ball, batsman runs through the 4 bases. Fielding team tries to stop batsman to take runs. The team that scores more wins the match.