Pokemon Go Game – One of the Best Games around the World

Hand in hand with Niantic, comes ‘Pokemon GO’, the first game of Pokemon designed from scratch for mobile phones. With the help of the GPS functions of our mobile, we can find the pocket monsters in real-world places, train them, and evolve them to be a Pokemon master. It was born from a joke of April’s Fool in which we looked for Pokemon through the web version of Google Map, and the company thought it was good to make a game proper with the same concept.

The title is backed by The Pokemon Company and marks a turning point in the history of the series to be a main product of the brand ‘Pokemon’ that comes on mobile but will not appear on any Nintendo laptop in addition to having a promotion for all high standards of a game for the mobile gaming market.

However fanatic you are of Pokemon it is impossible for you to sound Pokemon Uranium, however it is a completely different game than any of those in the series and has not been officially created by Nintendo but is the work of fans.

Pokemon Uranium is not a simple modification of a game that already existed, but during the last 9 years, a group of fans has created a whole world, a new region, with new Pokemon, cities, characters, and stories.

Pokemon Uranium – A Fantastic Fan Game

It is said fast but they have had to spend years for version 1.0 of Pokemon Uranium to see the light. However, there are many fans who have contributed so much to its development as to the creation of documentation that details all the details of the elements that form it.

The whole history of Pokemon Uranium occurs in the Tandor region which is made up of more than 10 towns and cities, including of course a Regional Pokemon Championship, which will be our ultimate goal.

In this game of Pokemon, we have new graphics, cinematic specially created for battles, new menus and what is more impressive: more than 150 unique Pokemon that did not exist in the universe of the game and that have also been created by fans. Something very interesting is also that in Pokemon Uranium there is a new type of Pokemon: Nuclear.


Eye to the Full Pokedex of Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is free and works perfectly on Microsoft Windows PCs. As you can imagine, these days your website is receiving a flood of visits and you may find it offline in some moments.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Pokemon Go is a game of augmented reality which extends its domains outside the video game consoles to stay in smartphones and in the “real world”. Players seek to excel as Pokemon trainers, creatures of fiction with different abilities that “live” in special balls.

According to the original concept, coaches seek to capture Pokemon until completing a collection. The other objective is to train them to win battles against other creatures.

For the capture, the player must literally throw himself into the streets of his city. Using the GPS of the phone, the app will warn you with a vibration and a flashing light when you are near a Pokemon.

When the person – the “trainer” turns on the camera of his phone, he finds an image of the Pokemon in question, superimposed on the real scene behind the lens. When you touch the creature on the screen, it becomes yours.

That is the characteristic by which the game is considered to be “Augmented Reality”: it allows seeing reality mixed with an element of fiction, through a technological device.