Real Facts about Biggest Monetized Cyber Attack via Ransomware Virus


What is Ransomware Virus?

Ransomware is a type of encrypting malware that encrypts data files and holds them for ransom. It’s typically from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Cyber criminals made over 1 billion dollars from businesses attacked by ransomware and since these cyber criminals have learned to monetize attacks; their frequency and severity of attacks will continue to grow exponentially.

You should be aware that most ransomware attacks come in the form of an email attachment, in a video or a just visiting infected websites. You have to take extreme attentiveness when opening email attachments and new websites. If you got any email from an unrecognized sender, don’t open an attachment. And also don’t click on any suspicious URL.

With today’s advanced techniques of ransomware virus can attack on your computer by just visiting a website to become infected with ransomware. Let me make that clear, after affecting most of the data will be encrypted and not accessible. So, don’t click anything suspicious on the website that may be infected to your system and networks with data encrypting ransomware malware.

For the fastest spreading ransomware virus the cyber criminals use exploit kits. The ransomware being distributed is WanaCry 2.0 but is also referenced as WanaCrypt0r, Wana Decryptor and WCry.

As of Monday evening around, $60,000 in ransom had been funded to the hackers behind the malware attack of “WannaCry”, which affected computers across the world. Payments have dropped in from around the world, counting quite a big amount of payments from the Russian government or a multinational business.

In 2017 Alone Affected by Ransomware Virus:

  1. Ransomware emails spiked 6,000%
  2. 40% of all spam email had ransomware
  3. 59% of infections came from email
  4. 92% of surveyed IT firms reported attacks on their clients

These all data are terrifying but need to know. Please follow the best practices as outlined in this email to ensure you do your part to keep ransomware off your network.

Security experts have no clear idea of this virus spreading, some say it was spread through suspicious emails, saying that computers were vulnerable to the malware / virus regardless of how attentive users were. IT Experts are finding out the crack of the virus and backed up their files which could be hit by the attacks and not accessible.

The attack mainly struck computers in Asia and Europe, mostly spreading North America. This ransome / WannaCry virus attacks those computers which are using Microsoft’s Windows OS, after infection it locks individual machines. Affected users receive an electronic message demanding a ransom to be paid in the cryptocurrency or digital currency or electronic currency called Bitcoin to decrypt your data.

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