Same Day Dental Implants Treatment: Is it Possible?


Dental Implantation is one of the most convenient things to do when you have broken or lost teeth. Here we will let you know about the concept of same day dental implants. So many people browse over the internet asking whether a same day dental implant is possible or not? Yes, it is possible to have same day dental implants. Getting an appointment for the same day implant is a bit challenging and it depends on the particular dental care unit. If they do not have much rush and other conditions are satisfying then you may get a chance to undergo same day implantation.

We know the pain of teeth is unbearable and this is the reason people prefer to take quick action just to get rid of the severe pain. Furthermore, during the process of a dental implant, the prosthetics are prepared based on your size and mouth condition. Getting prosthetics takes time because it needs to be designed as per the required size. Sometimes it may take months. Sometimes it may get done a little earlier. Also, if the dental care unit has the availability of prosthetics luckily, then you can have same day dental implants treatment.

What is Done During Same Day Dental Implants?

When a dentist finds that the patient is passing through severe pain and the condition is unavoidable, they do the same day implants. Under this process, a rod is used that supports the abutment so that it could get fused with the jawbone. Once it is done, they fill the extracted site with an implant. It helps in quick recovery. The main advantage of the same day implant is that the patient gets quick relief in the shortest time frame. The procedure gives you a natural smile and comfortable life again. Obviously, it takes some time to heal but after getting recovered you will be the same as a normal person.

Do You Know Who Can Get the Same Day Dental Implants?

Medical processes have certain protocols and each medical expert has to follow them. Prior to making any kind of surgery, the body condition of the patient is always checked. Based on that the decision for the same day dental implant is taken. Patients in good condition get same day dental implants easily.

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3 Good Conditions for Same Day Dental Implants Include:

  1. Overall good health
  2. No smoker
  3. Intact Jawbone

So those who fall in this category may get same day dental implants. There is no risk with them hence the dental team prefers them.

Procedure for Dental Implants

If you are looking for a dental implant, you should follow the below mentioned steps. It will keep you healthy, safe, and confident throughout the journey.

  1. Consultation: Make a quick consultation with experts so that they can help you properly.
  2. Surgery: Once you have satisfied the required condition, go for the surgery process.
  3. Fitting: Dentists will do filling so that you could recover quickly.
  4. Aftercare: Monitoring of the implantation will be going on.
  5. Final checks: Once you are fit and fine, a final examination will be done by the experts.