SEO Glossary | Search Engine Optimization Terms for Beginners


See all the basic terms which is use in SEO world

Crawl: What search engine spiders or robots do, they crawl the web by gathering links leading from one webpage to another in order to find as many pages as they can.

Indexer: Search engine indexer works on the data collected by the spiders or robots then stores it into their database so that search engine query can be match and search engine displays it as relevance.

Internal Link: An internal link is a hypertext link that points to another webpage or a particular section within the same website. Also useful for crawling pages entire a website.

Link: It takes to another page on the web when click on it. It can be on image or on text.

Link building: Requesting your website links add into other websites. The main purpose of link building is increasing link popularity on the web.

Outbound Links or External Links: Hyperlinks go outside to another website means your website links that direct off-site to another website.

Reciprocal Links: Interchange linking between two websites. Means “type A” website contains “type B” website’s link and “type B” website contains “type A” website’s link.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is the simple text using for a hyperlink.

For Example:

<a href=””>Deadly Web</a>. The phrase “Deadly Web” would be clickable and that take you on website and that text called anchor text.

Check Live Link: Deadly Web

Header Tags: Heading tags define headings of webpages. These tags are very important with regard to SEO. There are 6 elements of heading tags H1 to H6 which are used in the main heading and sub-heading. Title, heading and content should relate to the key phrase targeted by a webpage.

For Example: <H1>Page Heading</H1>

‘Alt’ Attribute: This attribute is connected with image tag. It is used to specify the text that will be rendering if the browser can’t load the particular image. It describes the image itself when use ‘alt’ attribute in image tag.

Title Attribute: This attribute connected with anchor tag and image tag. This tag is specify the tooltip text that displays when a user hover their mouse on a webpage.

Algorithm: A program used by search engines to determine what webpages display on search result for a given search query.

Analytics: A tracking program which assists in gathering and analyzing data website usage. Google analytics is a highly recommended free, feature rich and popular analytics tool.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of users who enter a site and then leave it immediately without viewing any other pages.

FFA (Free for All): A webpage or site with many external or outgoing links to unrelated website. Lack of content FFA ignored or penalized by search engines.

Google Dance: The website position suddenly up or down in SERPs is called Google dance. It can possible while an update of the Google database or algorithm.

Keyword Spam or Keyword Stuffing: Inappropriately high keyword density.