Social Media Effects on Teenagers

Social networks and their consequences in teenager’s minds can cause some serious problems too. Although the use of social networks damages the dream of the population in general, the sector formed by adolescents is the most affected, since 70% is disclosed daily, especially in instant messaging applications.

Unfortunately, it is not only a problem of sleep but consequent damage to their health and development, according to an expert’s advice who is a professor at the Institute of Comprehensive Sleep Medicine (IMMIS). For example, young people who reveal themselves every day of the week were short.

Affecting Ideal Sleeping Hours:

Ideal Sleeping Hours

A teenager should sleep nine hours a night because it is the last moment of life they have to grow. We must consider that at night various hormones are secreted, such as growth, essential for young people to have an adequate development. However, most of them consider it a waste to sleep, so many young people are currently treated for sleep problems, and the researcher found and diagnosed this problem in depth.

Affecting the Overall Growth and Personality of a Teenager:

This stage is a fundamental moment for the construction of your identity. A few years, in which this is debated between his idea of life and the reality that surrounds him.

Overall Growth and Personality

Social networks can become crucial to your identity. Virtual feedback can be harmful to some young people, since they can be expressed from anonymity, with an important affective distancing, with a low level of empathy, with use of ‘spoken thinking’ and with great difficulty in assessing what their messages are generating in the other.

All this has negative consequences in the construction of his personality, especially when the dissemination of negative or disqualifying content spreads very quickly, reaching unsuspected levels, explains this article about the impact of social networks and the internet in teenagers’ positive and negative aspects.

A New Way of Learning: Positive Change

Positive Change

In the same meeting, it has been noted that digital natives learn differently. According to renowned neurologists, they have already been proven about digital natives and it is known that they learn in a slightly different way from those that are not. On the one hand, they can do several tasks at once with better results and on the other, they are faster looking for information to answer specific questions.

Cannot Judge Between Good and Bad:

Also, it has been proven that they have greater difficulty in distinguishing between reliable and non-reliable sources of information, giving more importance to the information they capture from their friends and acquaintances, and less to official websites. Also, there is already talking of difficulties in concentration and attention and problems in reading and writing long texts.

Cannot Judge Between Good and Bad

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A whole set of important changes in the lives of our teenagers that depend on the use they make of social networks. They force their identity to not only get under the influence of their parents and their friends but of a social community that supports or ignores them. This is a radical change that will surely affect the adults of the future.

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