Theresa May – Revolutionary Second Female Prime Minister of the UK

Theresa Mary May, leader of the British Conservative Party and current Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, however, nobody is doing it on their policies in the UK government or party but the world talks about their imminent assumption as British Prime Minister from July 13 2016 to July 24 2019, before the abrupt departure of the office of David Cameron, his political leader until recently.

British Conservative Policy That will Take on July 13 as Prime Minister after the Controversial BREXIT

The adverse result that Cameron obtained after the ultra commented English memorandum BREXIT which subjected to popular decision the exit or not of England of the European Union and that culminated with the support of the citizenship by the EXIT of Great Britain, generated a political hecatomb and economic in the country that of course was replicated in the rest of Europe and the world.

The Yes of the people in favor of leaving the European Union generates a political outbreak in England and the resignation of Cameron.

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What has been Theresa May’s Political Career until Today?

Graduated from Oxford, like the vast majority of the British parliamentary class, and former Bank of England worker, Theresa May entered the House of Commons in 1997, and since then has always been an important asset within the conservative ranks. May held posts of relative importance within the various shadow cabinets that the Tories chained during the long domination of Tony Blair’s new labor at the beginning of the last decade. In 2002 he became president of the Conservative Party (organizational functions, not leadership).

One of the most powerful nations decided to leave the European Union and this shook everyone, their own and others.

Given this state of affairs, Cameron decided to step aside, it was thought that the output would be slower but finally hurried to the instability that the country went through in all areas.

The Second Woman to Occupy such a Relevant Position

The political crisis erupted and virtually no one wanted to assume the political cost of things to come, except Theresa May, who accepted the challenge and will soon become the second woman to occupy the post of Prime Minister after the unforgettable Margaret Thatcher.

Origins, Formation and Political Career of Theresa May

Theresa May’s native is Eastbourne and born on October 1 of the year 1956 reaches the maximum English political position with 59 years, married Philip May since 1980, and without children.

Since 1997 he has been a member of the British Parliament for the Maidenhead district, occupying various cabinet positions. On the other hand, between 2002 and 2003, she was the president of the Conservative Party that now takes her to power.

She was also a great collaborator of the outgoing Prime Minister since she occupied the Ministry of Women and Equality and currently the Ministry of the Interior.

Politicians are usually known for sure through their policies and in the case of May it is possible to warn and venture where it will aim when it is effectively the Prime Minister reviewing some of its most commented initiatives, and why not also more controversial.

It has been very severe in terms of immigration, with its proposal to reduce every year in a hundred thousand the number of immigrants in the country, it has also been regarding terrorism and child abuse, condemning them harshly.

In her academic education, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. As soon as she graduated in 1977 she worked at the Bank of England and later developed as a consultant and financial adviser.