Tips to Design an Attractive Ecommerce Website for Engaging the Customers

In an ecommerce website, to gain the trust of customers, it is essential to have a secure and well-designed website. Here we present you various tips to design an attractive ecommerce website that helps to engage the customers.

1. The most important thing should be insight:


The navigation of your website should be intuitive. For this, an easy understanding must be ensured and that the most important elements are insight. Remember that users do not want to waste time researching where the buttons to buy are or how to access the products.

2. Add only what is necessary:

Necessary Products

To design a good website, you need to prioritise. You cannot place all the products or all the information on the main page because it will be very saturated.

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3. Beware of colours:

Beware of Colours

Care must be taken to choose colours that do not distract users or make reading difficult. Likewise, it is preferable to avoid using too many nuances or choose shades that do not convey the personality of the company.

4. Your website has to be clear, predictable and visually attractive:

Ecommerce Website Visually Attractive

Unlike a corporate website design or blog, an ecommerce website usually has a very simple objective, for the visitor to buy something.

For this, some of the crucial elements are:

Crucial Elements
  • Call to action buttons. Something like “Quote”, “Buy Now” or “Get to know us”.
  • Clear, concise and, above all, precise navigation and structure, so that the visitor does not get lost on the website at any time. Pay special attention to the “Help” button being easily accessible.
  • Product categories and descriptions. If you are offering a variety of different products or services, be sure to rate them, so that the visitor knows exactly where to go.

5. Beware of links:

Broken Link

A broken link which is also called the wrong link generates a lot of inconvenience in users. It is important to check that each link works properly and that it leads to the content being promoted.

6. Create a site that suits:

Ecommerce Website Responsive

A large percentage of users browse through their mobile devices. Therefore, a web page must adapt to any type of device.

7. A simple purchase process:

Ecommerce Website Easy Purchase Process

Creating a hassle-free purchase process requires more than simply integrating a well-rated WordPress plugin. If you want your customers to come and go easily from your shopping carts do the following:

  • Minimize the amount of user data needed to register.
  • That they can continue shopping, even if they are in the middle of a buying process.
  • Perfectly visualise all the data related to your purchases: subtotals, the number of products etc…
  • Show a contact form or open chat, so that people can contact you at any time.

8. Secure transactions:

Ecommerce Website Secure Transactions

It is a fact that people are aware of the potential threats of online shopping. This means that they are very likely to abandon their shopping carts if they feel that the payment may not be secure enough.

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Therefore, it is necessary to present the security measures used by your website, and potentially add known security icons or logos that could help your buyers feel more comfortable. For example, logos of accepted payment systems such as PayPal and Visa. If you use a security certificate such as SSL, add your provider’s logo somewhere on the site.

9. Build relations:

Social Media Icons on Ecommerce Website

The link to social networks on the website can be quite efficient since social media is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing techniques like, search engine optimisation for small businesses, so you must have a related strategy. Avoid including links to social networks on the pages of your products.

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Creating a website with ecommerce is not easy. In addition to choosing suitable cheap domain and hosting plan for the site, it is necessary to take into account certain ecommerce tools (shopping kits, security certificates etc…) that integrate well with your site and with your content manager.

After making the key decisions, it is time to bring your virtual store to life. This means that you need to ensure that you have all the possible elements to ensure that the users of your site become customers.

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