Top 10 Countries those are Frank about Sex


As several years ago, a company of condoms of international scope surveyed sex to men and women over 18 years of age in more than 25 countries. They were asked how many times a week they have sex with their partner and if it is a formal or occasional relationship, the hours they work, if they have children or if they had any sexual dysfunction. Know the results of openness in each country:

Countries those are Frank about Sex
  1. Australia: Outdoor passion stands out since, among the places where there is more sex, 75% is on the road to work or on the way to a relaxing weekend. 20% of Australians practiced Safe sex, one of the most desired fantasies in this survey.
  2. Switzerland: Not only does it have legal prostitution, but they are also encouraged to do so in public places. And while the percentage of having relationships is high, their level of satisfaction is the most desired.
  3. Spain: 90% of Spaniards said they were sexually satisfied and it appears as one of the places where sex is free, they like to try different positions, and it is a subject without barriers. In many cases, it occurs occasionally.
  4. Brazil: In this country, you have sex more than once a day, even on the beaches. Some say that Brazilians are the second-best lovers in the world. And that its women, is the most beautiful and sexy in the world. The study also says that it is one of the places where virginity is lost at an early age.
  5. Mexico: According to the survey, it is rated as one of the hottest countries, where there is a lot of sexual play and connection in the couple. There is also a high consumption of porn pages and sex shop products. There are some areas only dedicated to the purchase of these products that are a boom in sales.
  6. Italy: 64% of Italians consider their sex life satisfactory and the most common way to stimulate them is through wild sex. One of the cities in this country where there is more sex is in Rome.
  7. Greece: The country of philosophy and the great conversations in the agora is the country that has more openness to discuss sex since ancient times. They are so liberal that they have sex 164 times a year and at the time of facing back the flirtation, the previous dinners or some type of appointment was left. They usually go directly to the point in question.
  8. Holland: As in Switzerland, as everyone will know, prostitution is socially accepted. There are nudist beaches and public policy of great openness in sex education. 64% said they fulfilled their sexual fantasies and were satisfied.
  9. India: It is a country that loves yoga and tantric sex. Although the first sexual relationship occurs after 18 years or more, here for both sexes.
  10. Nigeria: Nigerians last 24 minutes on average having sex and both sexes and say they feel satisfied. Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world: 62% have cheated on their partner and apparently, not for lack of sex.

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