Top 15 Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2020 for Success


Content marketing is a most powerful way to promote your website. Nowadays content is king and content must be qualitative, fresh and relevant to particular business, product or website. Content marketing is one of the parts of digital marketing strategies. Before publishing your content, you must be sure that your content is ready for pass all the phases of quality and the ways to promote your content. For quality test and content marketing, let’s see what kind of tools you need.

Top 15 Content Marketing Tools

1. BuzzSumo: A tool for content research and monitoring. It is use for content ideas and find influencers related to particular topics.


2. Grammarly: Use for grammatical mistake correction. You can find grammar mistake and correct it to right form.


3. Evernote: An app for meeting notes, webpages, projects, to do lists, organize records and manage projects from any smart device even you are offline.


4. Mailchimp: An email marketing tool which is use for bulk email sending.


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5. Canva / PicMonkey: Both are designing tools, with these you can make logo, business card, graphics, presentation and much more.

Canva and PicMonkey

6. SemRush: An interactive marketing solution for SEO, PPC, Social Media and competitive research.


7. Trello: Tool for organize and track of projects, plans and much more. Its dashboard look like a simple boards, lists and cards.


8. HootSuite: A social media management tool. With this you can easily find, schedule and manage social media content. You can also manage multiple social networking profiles and measure your campaign effects.


9. Pocket: For saving links, articles, videos, stories, webpages and anything you want. Read, watch or listen without any destruction even offline with any smart device.


10. Hemingway Editor: Tool for text editing which is use for highlights, grammar checking, fluency of text, readability score, word count and sentence structure checking.

Hemingway Editor

11. Feedly: It collects news feeds from a variety of online sources. You can also customize and share with others.


12. CloudApp: A screen recorder which is use for video, gif and webcam recording. You can easily record your content video and share it instantly to the cloud.


13. Google Analytics: Use for track and report of website, social networking sites or app traffic.

Google Analytics

14. Word2CleanHTML: For neat and clean content like, remove empty paragraphs, replace non-ascii characters to HTML entities and replace non-breaking spaces to ordinary spaces.


15. Headline Analyzer: Check heading quality, how strong native heading of content.

Headline Analyzer

Hope now you will have enough tools for content marketing.