Top 3 Freedom Fighters of Ukrain | Ukrainian Superheroes who Died for Nation


Ukraine has rich culture which is really different from Russia and its countries. It comes with many ethnicities which live in peace today. This is all because of the following freedom fighters who fought for their nation in early times:

General Pavlenko:

General Pavlenko

He was the one who had participated in the war conducted by Russia and Japan. He was appointed as a company commander in that war. Then, he completed his graduation and became a Major general in the Ukrainian Army.

At the time of World War I, he had helped the nation by being a commander of the different units. That also included a brigade which was of Ucrania at the place known as Yekatoerinoslav.

During spring, Pavlenko had grown as a very active member of the party which fought for the Independence of Ukraine. He had also initiated the making of the battalion under Odessa.

The academics of the military in Zhytomyr and Kamyanets-Podisky were held by him. At the time of December in the year of 1918, he was presented to be a commando of Ukraine, in a rally conducted by Halitska. After being a part of the Union and an active member of the Ukrainian National Republic, he became the commander of great Ukrainian force.

He died on December 2, 1958, in Vienna, but he is a hero almost forgotten in modern Ukraine (only one of the streets of Lviv is named after him).

Commander Grekov:

Commander Grekov

In June 1919, Ukrainian General A. Grekov, who had already become famous, was appointed commander of the Ukrainian Galician Army, which alone led an unequal struggle against the Polish armed forces.

At that point, the situation was close to catastrophic in the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. Ukrainians controlled only a small part of southeastern Galicia, the UGA lacked arms, ammunition, discipline was very lame, and a shortage of officers was felt. To this end, on June 9, the government – the State Secretariat of the ZUNR – resigned, and the Ukrainian National Council was forced to appoint the dictator of the ZUNR, Eugene Petrushevich.

Grekov was a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812. After retiring as a Major General, he also purchased an estate in the village of Sopych, Glukhiv district, Chernihiv province, where a prominent Ukrainian military commander was later born.

Oleksandr Ivanovych Udovychenko:

Oleksandr Ivanovych Udovychenko

He was born in 1887 in Ukraine. He was appointed as a general of the National Republic and administration of the Military.

He then was appointed as Vice-president of the country through the department of government-in-exile. This department belonged to the Ukrainian National Republic.

He had also taken part in the 1st and 2nd military congresses. He became the chief assistant in the department of operations which was under the Ukrainian Staff of generals.

Haidmaka Kosh from Sloboda had conducted Symon Petlyura where Udovychenko had contributed by being a chief member. Even in the Intelligence group of the government which was founded and headed by Tyutyunyk.

In the year of 1918, Udovychenko was appointed in the special army cell as one of the main directorate of the State general staff in Ukraine. His contribution to wars by giving several strategies and ideology has been praised by all the citizens of Ukraine.