Top 4 Freedom Fighters of Nigeria: Nigerian Freedom Fighters who Fought for Nation


The History of Nigeria has been always thankful for the contribution lead by these renowned freedom fighters:

1. Jacob Wilson Sey

Jacob Wilson Sey - Freedom Fighters of Nigeria

Jacob Wilson Sey was not very educated in terms of deciding right age. But still, he was the one who had sensed the huge error created in making of the laws created by the selfish party. He also had been appointed as a leader of the company in the Cape coast which was established by very well-educated Ghanaians who was supported by many of the local chiefs.

He had a strong determination to have a vision on gold coastlands which will be owned by the locals. This thought have been delivered by Jacob to Queen Victoria who later discussed the laws of the land. This fight for the gold coastlands had been a tough job which included several members of the ARPS team and other 15 main chiefs.

2. C. Odumegwu Ojukwu

C. Odumegwu Ojukwu - Freedom Fighters of Nigeria

Ojukwu was a decorated rebellion of Nigeria. He was also known as Emeka, with respect of being a former leader of the Biafra, which is known to be a region of Ibos origin.

He was appointed as a proclaimed president of the region which was secessionated. Ofcourse it led to a great sacrifice of other hundred and thousand number of deaths. Later after then he was also appointed as Liutenant and Colonel of the Easter Region. This made him a decorated Military governor during that era.

Due to his great contribution the declaration of Independence was done for the Easter Nigeria which included different continental landforms and waters. After several other wars, the dream of Ojukwu came true. And the people of Nigeria were thankful to him for making this possible.

3. Benjamin Adekunle

Benjamin Adekunle - Freedom Fighters of Nigeria

Adekunle belonged to Nigerian town Kaduna. He was also nominated in the Army of Nigeria during 1958 after the completion and passing of his school years.

He was also awarded certificates of different types. In December 1960, he was appointed as lieutenant of Nigeria. He was the 2nd lieutenant of Nigeria. He had also served as a platoon commander in the provinces of Kasai, Congo. He also had his very first regiment camp.

While the Nigerian Civil War, Adekunle was the leader of the other two battalions which were new. He was the one who conducted the historic seaborne assault on Bonny. He was promoted to be colonel after landing of bonny. Later then he was selected in the Army of Nigeria in 1958.

4. Mohammed Shuwa

Mohammed Shuwa - Freedom Fighters of Nigeria

Mohammed Shuwa was known to be a decorated Nigerian Army General. He was born on September 1st, 1939. He was also appointed as the first general officer who had commanded the Nigerian Army.

So, He contributed for the same. He ran the very first department during the Nigerian Civil War. Because of the very bad tragedy, he was killed in Maiduguri. The murderer was the people of an Islamic State in West Africa. This state was known as the Boko Haram sect.

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