Top 5 Free Chat Messenger Apps


Chatting is the most frequent way of communication in the current digital trend. People are more comfortable in chatting rather making phone calls etc… Further the chatting apps provide the provisions through which you can easily create chat groups and able to communicate with more persons at one time. The chatting has spread its legs to the business sector as well.

Free Chat Messenger

Nowadays owners share their promotional activities in chatting groups so that they could get maximum reach in shortest frame of time. There are millions of chatting applications that are being introduced to the world and here we will have a discussion about the top 5 free chat messenger application. Hence if you are fond of chatting and looking to know about chat apps then the content will be useful for you.

Top Chat Messenger Applications:

1. Telegram:

Telegram - Free Chat Messenger App

Telegram is a very traditional mode of communication and by following the approach a chat application is designed. The app was called as Telegram. Through the app you will be able to send any kind of image with no limit of size. The chats can be stored on the cloud. The app is available for iOS and Android users along with proper implementation of encryption and decryption.

2. Whatsapp:

Whatsapp - Free Chat Messenger App

Whatsapp is the energy booster of present time. People can forget to have food but they cannot forget to use Whatsapp. Video calling, Audio calling, Simple chatting, File/Image sharing, Video sharing etc… are its amazing features.

3. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger - Free Chat Messenger App

Who does not know Facebook? It is the largest social media platform where millions and millions of people gather. The social media platform has its own application that is called as Facebook messenger. Easy to use and available without any cost.

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4. Line:

Line - Free Chat Messenger App

One of the well known apps in Asia, and it has more than 600 millions of users. Along with all chatting features here you get an area of timeline same as Facebook page. Video calling, audio calling etc… kind of features are also available.

5. Viber:

Viber - Free Chat Messenger App

Viber is also considered as leading chat messenger application that has approximately 1 billion users. The app allows texting, calling, file sharing etc… like other chatting app. The app is free and an important asset of communication.