Top Strict Governments of The World


The world is collection of countries and each country has its own government. Government is formed to take care of the needs of the public and cater to them by following the constitutional law of the country. Government creates various rules for the welfare of the country and here we will know about some strict rules of various nations.

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Hence if you are keen to know about top strictest governments of the world then the below mentioned content will guide you in the right direction.

Strict Governments of The World

1. North Korea

North Korea - Strict Governments of The World

North Korea is the only country that follows the concept of communist. Even they allow visitors from nations other than South Korea and US.

2. Iran:

Iran - Strict Governments of The World

The law of Iran is very strict and governance is based on the Sharia Law. The rules and regulation is very strict as compare to other nations of the world.

3. Syria:

Syria - Strict Governments of The World

The condition of Syria is not hidden from anyone. The country has lots of clashes between government of the country and rebel force. Even the communication through mobile phone is also limited there.

4. Eritrea:

Eritrea - Strict Governments of The World

The country is situated above Africa and the government has full ownership over media so that they could write what government wants. Media is not allowed to broadcast any news without prior approval from government.

5. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia - Strict Governments of The World

The country has much strict rules and laws. Almost we all know the same. Majorly the rules revolve around the women’s lifestyle as they are not allowed to drive or wear casual clothes in public etc…

6. China:

China - Strict Governments of The World

China is a developed nation and has a positive image across the globe. The country has communist law that reflects that nothing is above government.