Twitter Tools: Make All the Possibilities on Twitter


Here we are talking about twitter tools which are using every professionals and smart users. In all the social media platforms, Twitter is widely used. Some years ago before the first tweet was done and there are lots of things which can be done on the platform apart from making tweets. Through the mentioned tools, users will be able to use the social platforms in lots of ways.

Nuzzel ( Through the use of Nuzzle the users will be able to search the most trending elements of the Twitter. The intelligent system works as a filter through which popular stories could be fetched.

Flipboard ( In order to get amazing magazines for the Twitter feeds the users should connect their account with Flipboard.

LifeOnTwitter ( Through the use of mentioned tool the users will be able to collect the statistics and fact of the account. Mostly it is reliable for business accounts from where the public reactions can be analyzed.

TallTweets ( In order to type longer tweets, the tool “TallTweets” can be used. It allows typing a tweet more than the limited characters by sending them in a sequence of 140 characters.

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IFTTT ( / Zapier ( For making a cross tweets either by email or Facebook account the mentioned tool should be used. The tool automate the tasks of uploading pictures from Instagram account as native pictures of Twitter in much easier way.

Spruce ( To make the typographical collection of the post, Adobe post or Spruce should be used. Users will have to write text after picking an image. The tool will maintain the whole transformation and make it more attractive.

CrowdFire ( A tool which can be used to keep track of your un-followers. Also send auto DMs to your new followers and find inactive users in your Twitter timeline and much more.

Buffer ( This is the tool which can be used for scheduling of the tweets. Buffer also allows you to use analytics towards the tweets in order to know its performance.