What Age Should a Child Get a Cell Phone?

The most controversial topic of the era is whether a kid / child should be given a Smartphone or any digital gadget? Before making comments on the topic, we all should have a brainstorm session to understand till at which age do consider a human body as a kid. Time is moving so fast where kids are growing before the age hence we need to be proactive because this is definitely not a healthy sign for the future of the child as well as family.

Be Active for Your Kid

Growing up with technology is fine but living only in the technology world is absolutely not fine. The healthy debate should be done on the same and whatever conclusion comes needs to get implemented practically. Initially, there was a period when a child had some ethical values and they knew how to talk to elders or how to behave with guests etc… but as we trending towards the western culture, all the learning are left somewhere and we proudly call it fashion. No, my dear!!! Absolutely not, by saying these things, you are just spoiling yourself and realization comes when things get over. Do not waste time in virtual growth, have a clear vision of growth and move with the factual concepts.

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Mobile with Kids

India is growing in all the fields with recent technologies and now stood in a position amongst powerful nations of the world. It is really a matter of proud and with the launch of Chandrayaan – 2 they have marked their presence on Moon where none of the nations have gone yet. It is the gift of our youth who have passed their childhood in a very happy and healthy way hence we all need to be active for the growth of our children as they are the building blocks of the nation and now the responsibilities are on their shoulder to take the things forward. They need to be groomed in a proper way.

Side Effects of Mobile Phone’s Radiations

  • Breakdown of Blood Brain Barrie
  • Increase Risk of Eye Cancers
  • Increase Risk of Ear Tumors
  • Increased Risk of Other Cancers
Cell Phone Side Effects

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Let a Child Be a Child

A doctor looks good when he successfully completes the life a person, An Engineer looks good when he creates a bridge with power, A teacher looks good when students get more than 80% marks, likewise a child looks good when he behaves mischievously or act as a joker, There are pros and cons of all the inventions and same goes with the digital techniques but children should be abolished from the use of mobile phones more than a specific time.

Things to follow:

  • Lots of kids use mobile phones for their school projects or homework but parents should be there with them in order to use the gadget in a proper way. Also, school teachers should give assignment based on the ability of a kid not of an internet.
  • It is ok to play games on phone for entertainment, but do not make them habitual of the same. Allow some outdoor games so that physical workout could be done.
  • Give time to your kids, sometimes parents become too engaged in their work so they allow kids to do anything. Your kids are your future, not a social reputation or money.

This is a serious concern on which we all need to be focused. You all are doing hard work “for your children” and now is the time to work “on your children”.

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